Bungee Jumping in Nepal: Once in a Lifetime Experience

When Nepal calls for adventure, we do it right—seeking adventures and thrills as a traveler. How about we do that amid dynamic nature with lush greenery, overflowing rivers, and a majestic view? You can get the charges you are looking for in the free fall as you are secured with long nylon-cased rubber. Yes, join us for an adventure of the bungee jump. 

Indeed, bungee jumping is in every adventure seeker’s heart to have your adrenaline pumping. Unlike other thrills, this sport does not need extra teaching before you try it out. Hence, whether you are a beginner adventure seeker or an expert, it is bound to give you a sheer adrenaline rush every time. 

Bungee jumping is a sport for anyone filled with love and guts for the thrill, and conducting this activity is challenging. These jumps are for the seekers who wish to taste a different lifestyle. Hence, Nepal offers several favorable destinations if you are looking forward to trying these exciting sports. 

Bungee Jumping In Nepal

With multiple backdrops for your free fall, we sure are here to provide you with a serene environment while appreciating harmony and isolation. These bungee jumping locations are convenient spots for adventure with breathtaking scenery and a jaw-dropping backdrop.

A man enjoying Bungee Jump
A man enjoying Bungee Jump (Source: Flickr)

Kusma Bungee Jump 

Sitting on the border of Baglung and the Kushma district, it depicts the second-highest bungee jump site in the world, the highest jump in Asia, and the tallest one in the country. Here, the two districts connect with a 520 Meter suspension bridge in the George of Kaligandaki river, which is precisely where its location is. 

Yes, this spot is a new addition to the extreme sports list as it just opened back in 2020. Kusma Bungee Jump lies right above the Kaligandaki river at 228 meters and is a jumping paradise for anyone who wants to try it out. 

After any of your hectic work schedules or days, the Kusma jump can be the spot in your single-day destination. You can visit this destination and have the thrills in just a day, as it is 262 km away from Kathmandu. 

You can travel through local buses, private vehicles, or even motorbike rides to reach here. You can also contact a luxury ride tourist vehicle or book a flight. This bungee jump destination is open all year, but if you are looking forward to some majestic scenery, only some months are most suitable. 

Here, the least favorite time of the year is during the monsoon, which starts in June and lasts until August. Therefore, you can visit for clear days during the summer or spring season.

Cost and Highlights Of Kusma Bungee Jump

Kusma Bungee Jump is the midpoint in some of the trekking trails. It offers spectacular views of Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Fishtail, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Manasalu, and many other stunning mountains. The place locates in naturally enclosed surroundings and depicts many other thrilling packages you might want to try, such as tandem swing, ping, and so on. 

Including all the activity costs, life insurance, and all the government taxes and charges, this bungee jump will cost you NPR 7,000. Furthermore, if you wish to add some pictures and videos, it will cost you an extra NPR 1,500. 

Bhote Koshi Jump 

Bhote Koshi George is the first ever bungee jumping spot and one of the world’s most famous destinations. It is located near the Nepal-Tibet border, resting at the lap of the lush greenery and mountains. 

A man Jumping at Bhotekoshi Bungee Jump
A man Jumping at Bhotekoshi Bungee Jump(Source: Facebook)

This ultimate jump is about 160 meters high and lies on Nepal’s longest suspension bridge. The Last Resort operates this free fall, and this suspension is at an altitude of 3600 feet.

Here, you will fall above the Bhote Koshi river while you paint your canvas with the majestic scenery you will live to experience. It is one of the most beautiful jumps and will feel like you are soaring in heaven. You will also get closer to the crystal-clear flowing river as you jump. 

Furthermore, you can have an eased ride to get there. It takes about 3.5 hours to reach the exact bungee jump destination (with a couple of tea breaks along the way). During the ride, you will travel along the Araniko Highway into the 12 kilometers of the Nepal-Tibet border.

Likewise, you can get these thrills throughout the year; however, the best season for the jump would be from September to May. This jump operates four times a week, that is, on weekends as well as Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday from December to January. However, from September to November, you can enjoy this jump all days of the week except for Mondays. 

Cost And Highlights of Bhote Koshi Jump

As a fun fact, this bungee jump is located on the suspension bridge. New Zealand’s famous Bungee consultant built this structure. Indeed, this suspension bridge is private now and can hold up to 4.5 tons of weight. Not to mention, your jump is controlled by experts prepared with global standard security protocols. 

Moving on, the cost of this jump includes life insurance and all the government taxes and charges. For domestic foreigners (Nepalese), a single hop will cost NPR 5,500 per person. Similarly, for the Indians, it costs NPR 8,200 per person, and for other foreigners, it will cost NPR 7,200 per person. 

Bungee Jump, Hemja in Pokhara

Indeed, Pokhara is well-known as a destination for thrill and adventure. With that said, the Hemja Bungee Jump (also known as High Ground Adventure) is one to add to the list for your one-day excursion. Well, it has been in operation since 2014 and is one of the most famous adventure activities. 

Thus, this spot is also known as the water-touching jump. You get to touch the water below the jumping spot. Indeed, a unique adventure for sure! In addition, this is the only tower bungee jump located near a Tibetan camp in the Kaski district. 

It is, in fact, a steel cliff at the height of 80 meters and has an artificial pond below, which is 20 meters deep. As you take the jump, you can touch the water below. Also, you surround yourself with a mesmerizing view. After you are down, a boat will be there to pick you up. 

This vertical jump destination is not that far from the Pokhara lakeside (only 20 minutes ride). Hence, if you are at the lakeside, this activity is something not to be missed. 

Cost And Highlights of Hemja Bungee Jump

For this out-of-the-world experience, you can either try solo or make a jump with a friend. It gives you the adrenaline rush you are searching for, and you will also be soaking in the natural beauty there. 

Like every other one, this jump is operated throughout the year. Yet again, the best time for this thrill would be from October to February, as you will get a clearer view of the mountain range and the water. 

Let’s get into the price; it is again divided into three categories. This cost includes all the life insurance, government taxes, and charges. For domestic foreigners (Nepalese), a single jump will cost NPR 4,000 per person. Similarly, for the people of SAARC countries, it costs NPR 7,500 per person, and for other foreigners, it will cost NPR 7,700 per person. 

General Facts While Bungee Jumping 

As we said before, a bungee jump is all about our love and guts. It is the thrill, the sheer adrenaline rush, and the adventure all travelers are seeking for. But having said that, nothing is much more than your health; hence, if you have any medical conditions or problems, you should not try this out. 

For stable bungee jumping fun, the people with the health issues listed below should not try this adventure activity. 

  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Pregnancy
  • Neurological issues
  • Epilepsy
  • Psychological problems
  • Orthopedic problems
  • Alcohol and drug addictions

People with the above conditions will not be allowed to engage in this activity. Hence, if you state clear of these, you are eligible to enjoy the thrill to your heart’s content. Some of Nepal’s top bungee jump operators are Bungy Nepal Adventure, Highground Bungee Station, Bhotekosi Bungee jump, The Eco-Trek, GoGlides, and Nepal Eco Adventure. 

Tips For Your Bungee Jump Experience

Whether a regular with the thrill or a beginner, it is crucial to follow the tips before taking the vertical jump. 

  • If you are still unsure of your jump and the thrill you are seeking, it is better if you do not look down. I look forward to you leaping. 
  • Always choose the trusted brand and staff you are sure of. 
  • Do as your jump instructors say and follow the rules carefully. 
  • While you jump, always wear tight yet comfortable clothes and shoes. 
  • The maximum weight is 100 kgs for the jump, and people below 18 should have their parents’ consent. 
  • Before jumping, never overeat, or you will start feeling dizzy or even puke. 
  • Do not carry any valuable items during the jump, such as mobile, jewelry, etc. 
  • Always sign up for videos and pictures of your bungee jumping. It is all about the memories, after all. 
Who shouldn’t do Bungee Jumping?

Children below 16 years, cardiac patients, high blood pressure patients to those with a fear of heights are suggested not to do Bungee.

What does Bungee Jumping feel like?

Bungee Jumping is regarded as an adrenaline rush, so the ones who love thrilling adventures are more likely to enjoy this sport.

What is the maximum weight for Bungee Jumping?

The estimated weight for Bungee jumping is 180kgs or 260 pounds.

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