Dolma Ecotourism Vision and History

Dolma Ecotourism was established and financed through a partnership with the Dolma Foundation and Tsering Lama in 2003. It provides an exploration of the self as much as the world. Our visitors experience an intimate cultural, spiritual and natural adventure in a remote pocket of humanity. Dolma Ecotourism was established for the mutual benefit of both visitor and villager. While the visitor learns the invaluable lessons of far flung societies, so those societies should benefit in kind. Dolma Ecotourism shares any profits with the Dolma Foundation for reinvestment in the community to empower the locals to defend their culture in changing times (see below).

Dolma Foundation

The Dolma Foundation was founded in 2003 as a non-profit impact investor, education sponsor and development advisor. Our mission is to use commercially sustainable methods where possible to alleviate poverty in remote areas, currently in Nepal and Ethiopia. We provide both financing and advice to local projects and businesses that have a positive social and environmental impact in their DNA, and we reinvest any returns into education and other support for our partner communities. In this way our capital is essentially recycled and used multiple times for good.