Message from Tim Gocher, Chairman, Dolma Foundation

When I first visited Nepal, I was bowled over by the remote communities that hosted me. It was as though everything we in the West are seeking – community compassion, organic farming, meditation, living in harmony with nature – was being practiced by these ancient people.

At the same time, life was hard, people were poor, healthcare non-existent and parents wanted education for their children. Along with Tsering Lama, we started Dolma Ecotourism to invite guests to be hosted by these communities, while trekking through the glorious Himalayas. Dolma guests learn from locals that have mastered sustainable living while helping these communities improve their quality of life. But this oversimplifies things. Our guests form deep friendships with these remarkable people. The real lesson is, no matter how distant our cultures and countries, that humanity is one. There is no better way to experience this revelation than to visit Nepal with Dolma Ecotourism.

Tim Gocher, Chairman and Founder, Dolma Foundation