Ealing UK Mar/April 2013

It has been a wonderful, inspirational experience and a real privilege to be here. I hope I can tell the world through the BBC what I have discovered here. Tsering and his crew looked after us are unforgettable and I feel most honoured to have been visited.

UNFORGETABLE, with love 

Sue Fletcher and Wendy Brown

We have been to Nepal twice now and have had the pleasure of getting to know Tsering, who organised both trips for us. He is an experienced guide with good local knowledge, excellent organisational skills and extensive contacts in Nepal. In Bridim we were made to feel very welcome and we were also very spoilt – having our own chef, a Buddhist monk to teach us meditation, porters to carry our luggage, hot water bottles when we camped and ‘bed tea’ every morning. We are looking forward to our next visit! 

Selma S Jensen


I had a wonderful trip to Mount Everest Base Camp with Tsering’s Company. Our little group stayed at different places along the route so that we got used to the high altitude – so we reached Kala Pattar and saw the amazing view of Mount Everest – what a moment!!! Tsering arranged everything really good – so I can definitely recommend this company very much!!!


Geoff and Judy Greenwood

Tsering asked me to write a short piece to recommend him to anyone considering a trekking visit to Nepal.  This I do without hesitation.  If you have any doubts about whether a trek is for you, of course your decision must be based on your own understanding of your fitness and mobility.  But if you think you are able walk in relatively wild landscapes with limited luxury, then Tsering will look after you every step of the way.  He is a very experienced mountain guide, with twenty years experience.  He has trained up a great team of helpers who will become your friends.  He knows the terrain he travels inordinately well and he also knows the lurking dangers that may befall an inexperienced trekker.  He will warn you of these and will make sure that you avoid them.  If an unexpected event occurs, he will have the solution..  For instance if someone is taken ill, he will arrange an appropriate return, with escort, and allow the rest of the party to continue if appropriate. I admire his understanding of all aspects of Nepali life and culture so far as it affects the western traveller, and his knowledge of written and spoken English is immaculate.  (I cannot speak for other European languages).  I think any European or American visitor to Nepal could not possibly have a better guide to the wonders and beauty of Nepal and its delightful people. 

Mike and Sue Taylor


A small group holiday to walk in Nepal was our aim.  Mike and I were that ‘group’!  Tsering from Dolma was our guide and companion for ten days in the Langtang National Park.  He anticipated all our wishes and turned them it to reality, making us aware of local traditions and the way of life in his own and other villages so that we now have a better understanding of the Nepalese people.  Tsering was a true friend and a very knowledgeable guide. 

Anders Bolager


I have been on several trips with Tsering/Dolmatours and on every Occasion been treated in a professional manner and felt the security aspect of the trips being well taken care of. Tsering / Dolmatours shows extensive experience in all the aspects of organizing and leading trips to the mountain regions of Nepal.

Tserings/Dolmatours contact network in the national parks and tour routes is extensive, and on my trips, I felt the food and sleeping accommodations were very well chosen. 

Christel aus Düsseldorf

“Die Trekking-Tour im Langtang National Park im Frühjahr 2009 wird mir immer in sehr guter Erinnerung bleiben. Von Kathmandu aus brachte uns der Bus nach Syabru. Dort erwarteten uns die Trägerinnen und Träger und das Küchenteam zum Aufstieg in die Berge. Fast alle kommen aus Briddim, dem Heimatort von unserem Guide Tsering Lama. Tsering hat die gesamte Tour sehr umsichtig vorbereitet. Neben steilen Wegen mit schönen Aussichten auf die Langtang-Kette kam auch der Besuch kleiner Dörfer und der Kontakt mit den dort lebenden Menschen nicht zu kurz. In Bongserai nahe der tibetischen Grenze besuchten wir seine Schwiegereltern. Und in Briddim lernten wir seine Mutter kennen, die uns sehr herzlich empfing. Unvergesslich bleibt der Abschiedsabend in Briddim, an dem wir mit unseren Helfern, Tsering und seiner Familie sowie weiteren Freunden aus dem Dorf ein großes Abschiedsfest feierten.  Am nächsten Tag stiegen wir wieder nach Syabru ab und nahmen Abschied vom Langtang Himal. Wenn ich nochmals nach Nepal komme, werde ich wieder eine Trekking-Tour mit Tsering unternehmen.

Adriana Hoyos


Viaje a Nepal en el 2010 para hacer trecking con Tsering por el Anapurna. Fue una de las experiencias más bellas de mi vida. Paisajes inolvidables, silencio, convivencia cercana con las pequeñas comunidades en las montañas y muchas experiencias más. Soy fotógrafa y este viaje fue estupendo para darme vuelo. Resultó ser físicamente demandante el ultimo tramo, después de 5 días asi que hay que estar seguros de ir en buena condición fisica. Tsering fue siempre atento, puntual, confiable, conoce la montaña como la palma de su mano, ahora somos buenos amigos. Recomiendo mucho la experiencia. 

Peter Kellner

Mar/April 2013

“My week with Tsering in the Himalayas was one of the most rewarding of my life. Against the majestic backdrop of the world’s highest mountain range, our group clambered through extraordinary scenary, met wonderful people, ate fresh and delicious local food and encountered a fascinating culture. Tsering started the week as our guide and ended it as our friend. His energy, knowledge and commitment makes ecotouring much more than an ethical way to support local communities: he also makes it a fabulous experience.”

Gertrud Ziemen

Munchen, Germany

Die erste Tour mit Tsering war 1999 in Helambu, sie war so gut organisiert und so umsichtig und heiter in der Begleitung, dasss ich seitdem immmer wieder von ihm organisierte  Touren  gemacht habe , in und um Kathmandu, Pokhara, nach Bridim und Umgebung, den Annpurna Circuit und den Kailash. Alle Touren mit ihm und seinem zuverlässigen  Team  waren außerordentlich gelungen und eine unvergessliche Erfahrung fürs Leben. Ich wünschte , viele Leute hätten das Glück eine Tour mit ihm zu machen

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