Mike and Delphine Brown

Having previously done a number of Himalayan treks in the course of which we passed through many villages, it was a great pleasure and privilege to have the opportunity to stop in Bridim and be able to spend time with the villagers and learn a little of their daily lives. The welcome that we received was such that our planned stay of around three days in Bridim stretched to almost a week after which we left feeling that we had made some close friends. We are returning soon!

We travelled together with Dolma Ecotourism on a trip organised by Mountain Kingdoms. 

Diana Edghill and Lynn Daguiar

Barbados – Mar 2009

Beautiful scenery – a fascinating and diverse cultural experience enhanced by our caring and interesting guide, Tsering. A very good reality check as to what is important in life and how much we take for granted. Spiritually moving and highly recommended.

We travelled with Dolma Ecotourism for two weeks in March 2009 and there were a total of seven on the trip from US, UK, Caribbean and Singapore. 

Ros Pomeroy

London – Mar/Apr 2007

My trip to Bridim was an exceptional experience in so many ways. To get an insight into a way of life that is so far removed from the hurly burly of my ‘Western’ existence was a privilege. Our guide Tsering could not have been better and our welcome by the villagers was generous, kind and above all, genuine. Then you have the Himalayan scenery…what else could one ask for?

Richard Whitbread

UK – Oct 2005

How many holiday experiences can genuinely boast the opportunity to witness some of the most awe-inspiring scenery on Earth and enjoy the humbling warmth and hospitality of the local people in the same breath? My Dolma Ecotourism Adventure could, and did, deliver superbly on both counts. Memories – along with images – for a lifetime. Seven people, including myself, made up the group undertaking the adventure. 

David and Sue Cayless

Devon, UK – February 2004

We travelled with Dolma Ecotourism for the Lhosar (Tibetan New Year) festival. It was one of those wonderfully magical experiences that only comes around a few times in a lifetime. The local people made it a very warm place to be and we felt totally relaxed and welcome and essentially part of the ‘family’ – a very special experience in an exceptional place. It makes such a difference to know that our visit through Dolma Ecotourism has made a positive contribution to the local community through assisting with education and health care needs. We have remained connected to the community, have since returned, and sponsor a child for education through the Dolma Development Fund. We feel very grateful and privileged to have experienced and shared some of our life with these fabulous people. The village has an ethereal air; a very spiritual place with some of the loveliest people I have ever met on any of my travel. There were a total of eleven visitors in the group, all from UK.

Charles and Lara Sturge

London November 2003

Visiting Bridim with Dolma Ecotourism changed my life. This is a secret, a hidden gem, a lost land and I was lucky enough to go there. We were hosted by simply delightful and wonderfully proud Tibetan people and immersed into their lives and culture. It was a step back in time and a step forward in consciousness. Knowing that my money has gone back into the community has left me feeling permanently connected with these delightful people. There were a total of seven visitors in the group from UK, Germany and US.

Stephanie Ganal

Bern- Switzerland

SolltetihroderFreunde von euchvorhabennach Nepal zureisen, kannich Dolma Ecotourism für die Reiseorganisationoder die Vermittlungeines Trekking Guides wärmstensempfehlen. WirwarenimOktoberdreiWochenmitdieserOrganisationunterwegs und hatteneineunvergesslichschöneZeit in Nepal.

Scott and Paulette Felker

Columbus, Ohio USA (November /December 2014)

It’s been a month since Paulette and I returned to Ohio from our Bridim Adventure and we can say with great enthusiasm that working with Tsering and Dolma Tours that it was the best decision we could have made. From the beginning, Tsering responded to all of our questions and checked in with us on a regular basis. He became our friend even before we met in person.

Whether it was Tsering as our trip coordinator or his brother Dawa as our guide, we were always in good hands. Dawa’s patience and sense of humor made the walking the steep hills a little bit easier and a lot more fun! More than seeing high Himalayan peaks and more than seeing tiger tracks in Chitwan, it was the people of Nepal that made this a trip of a lifetime! We can give Dolma Tours our very highest recommendation and would be happy to answer questions from anyone considering a trip with Tsering and his family.

David, Jackie, Harrison and Lillia

Our family’s Poon Hill trek in Nepal with Tsering and his team was just amazing. We spent 6 days in Nepal and during that time, our children ages 9 and 12 had the most incredible experience in nature, among one of the world’s truly beautiful destinations. Tsering planned the trip for us seamlessly, arranging our guide Amrit and our two porters. Tsering had catered for our young children, by arranging and adjusting the days trekking as needed to meet their capabilities. Whilst challenging, we found the terrain and hiking more than suitable for our young family, and the challenge of the walk itself filled our children with a healthy amount of satisfaction at what they had achieved and seen in Nepal. We loved the food and the culture in the region. We so wish we could cook Dahl Baht like they do in Nepal! Despite fuel shortages at the time in Nepal, Tsering did everything possible to ensure that there was no interruption to our connections and that everything went smoothly. We intend to visit this wonderful region in Nepal again soon and will most certainly be using Tsering’s for the trip.

Kind regards
David, Jackie, Harrison and Lillia. (Sep/Oct 2015)

Rosamund Pomeroy

Dolma Tours provided us with a trip to Nepal which would be hard to beat. Everything from the warm and genuine welcomes by our guides and also from the residents of the Langtang village of Bridim that we stayed with, the knowledge and insight we learned and the care and attention we received at all times, were humbling given the stresses that the Nepalese have been under as a result of the earthquake in April 2015. The good news is that Nepal is now very definitely open for business. If, as we did, you want to put something back into the remote communities that have lost their homes as well as in some cases their loved ones in the earthquake, as well as having the privilege of walking in the most stunning and unspoilt scenery on the planet, then this has to be is the trip for you.