Recreate Paragliding Adventure While In Nepal

Paragliding is the best option on your list if you are looking forward to spicing up your sightseeing journey with a more thrilling experience. While you soar in the high sky, sharing the same airspace with the aerial animals, you can touch the hills and float above the peaks with the thirst for adventure. 

For every adventure junkie, paragliding is a gateway to enjoying the fantastic natural scenery with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Talking about the paragliding context in Nepal has been a new adventure. Still, it has flourished over time, and Nepal is also one of the best destinations for free-flight enthusiasts.

United with sightseeing, paragliding in Nepal is much more than just an outdoor game, an open-air action sport. In other words and definitions, you can call it a trek on a different dimension and one of the best landscapes. 

Paragliding In Nepal

For any free-flight enthusiasts, paragliding is an escape to soak in the undaunted beauty of nature’s paradise and get an elevated perspective on the scenery. As a primary choice, there is no actual timeframe for paragliding. However, paragliding is a weather-dependent sport. 

Paragliding In Pokhara
Paragliding In Pokhara (Source: PixaHive)

The flying season of paragliding often starts from November through February, while the best season for this adventure is November through December. If you wish for a clear sky and the sun’s warmth, the best adventure time would be from September to early July. The climate during these months is milder than the spring alpine, and the tree line is also 3,900 meters above sea level. 

By saying these, November through December provides the perfect ‘cloud streets’ ideal for paragliders. Apart from it, Nepal is itself an ideal destination for this adventure sport and is approachable for all levels of pilots. 

Flight Types You May Want To Try While Paragliding 

Nepal will let you experience this paragliding thrill and also teach you how you can excel in it. Nepal provides opportunities for everyone from an experienced paraglider to a beginner in this sport. There is even a three-day introductory course for beginners. For others, you can take a solo gliding experience or even have an instructor tag along with you as your passenger. 

Discover Tandem Flight Experience 

Even if you are a beginner going to have your first experience on this adventure, you got nothing to worry about. Here, you will be flying with a certified pilot, where you and the instructor will be seated in a harness attached to the wing and with each other. 

Indeed, this gliding experience will be your comfort zone as you can sit back and relax to inhale the magnificent view surrounding you. Initially, the takeoff is powered by your instructor, and if you would love to, you will also be able to perform an acrobat in the air.

Talking about this experience, you will be able to rise above 500 meters from the takeoff point, and of course, you will need solid shoes and a windproof jacket. Altogether, your flight in this category will last about 30 to 45 minutes. In addition, the timeframe also differs according to the weather conditions and your wish on how long to make it last. 

Cross Country Tandem Flight Experience

This flight category is designed for adventurers who wish to unravel the world of paragliding. It is perfect if you want to fly into unchartered territory, with only the birds and the wind for company. Additionally, it is specially made for experienced flight enthusiasts who wish to try beyond the regular tandem flight. 

This flight is all about the unpredictable route in paragliding. Suppose you are to experience this same flight category in Pokhara. In that case, you will fly over the lake and other unspoiled valleys around the area as you follow the Seti river.

Often this flight reaches an altitude of between 2500 meters and 3400 meters and land on an unexpected route. As for a while, you return to your takeoff place; it may again be by air or even through the ground (bus or a taxi).  

Expedition Tandem Flight Experience

As the name suggests itself, this flight category means the expedition itself. Yes, you will be exploring real Nepal in this flight experience. Usually, this activity starts early in the morning and lasts a whole day or might even stretch till the next day. 

For this adventure, you can fly from Pokhara and then return or even go near the mountain areas. 

Fly Alone

If you are an experienced flight enthusiast and would love to try a solo ride than have a passenger, you can also opt for the solo ride. This is possible after you earn a flying permit from the civil aviation office in Pokhara. 

As a fun fact, this is an easy act to get the permit, and you can get this permit in just an hour. If you wish to have this permit, you will need to have your passport photocopy, visa photocopy, photograph, paragliding license, and proof of insurance.

Cost Of Paragliding In Nepal

Yes, paragliding is not a budget-friendly act for everyone, but the thrill is what everyone seeks. Also, paragliding costs vary from season to season and have no fixed price. 

Just in Pokhara alone, about nineteen paragliding companies run commercial tandem flights. 

A standard flight of 30 minutes costs about NRs 8000.

Top Paragliding Spots In Nepal

An opportunity to fly alongside several types of birds, paragliding offers you an unforgettable bird’s eye view of Nepal. Yes, you will be able to appreciate the wilderness from upfront and even fly over beautiful villages and get a little glimpse of everything. 

While paragliding has significantly improved sports over the year, Pokhara remains the top destination for this sport. However, there are many other spots where you can enjoy paragliding, such as Kot Danda, Phulchowki, Godavari, Bandipur, and Chapakharka. 


Nepal’s main paragliding area, commanding views of three of the world’s 8000 meters peaks (Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, and Manasalu). This destination is above 800 meters and is a broad valley to enjoy the thrills. 

View of Pokhara
View of Pokhara ( Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Hare, the starting takeoff point is in Sarangkot, which stands at an altitude of 1592 meters. During your flight, you will be surrounded by the lush greenery, snow clad mountains, and not to mention, it will be the ideal spot for sunrise and sunset (provided that the skies are crystal clear). You will also get a clear view of Phewa Lake below as you soar alongside the hawks. 

This paragliding destination provides you with three total tandem flights, and the services are open from November through February, while the best months have to be from November through December. 

Kot Danda

Located at the height of Lalitpur in the southern part of Kathmandu valley, Kot Danda is an excellent height that provides a fantastic view of all three cities. It lies near the Bisankhunarayan and is an ideal spot for flight enthusiasts who want to practice thermal navigation. 

This paragliding spot provides one of the finest views of lush-green vegetation and birds. 


Well-known for its one-day trek sport, Phulchowki is the most astounding green slope in Nepal. It is also called the made-up pinnacle of the mountain in the valley and has a place to worship. 

Not to mention, it also has the tallest broadcasting tower and yet another paragliding hotspot. So, yes, it is one of the best spots for those who love risks and thrills. 


Lying in Lalitpur district, Godavari is just 10 km apart from both Kathmandu and Patan. For any airspace lovers, it is the perfect paragliding spot with a breathtaking landscape view and a glimpse of wildlife and natural splendor.

The Godavari is one of the paragliding goals and greenery enclosure as you will be soaring among the beauty of one of Nepal’s most picturesque and diverse destinations. This spot is the standout greenhouse for varieties of plants, orchids, and flowers that you will be soaring above. 


One of the least explored villages and spots, Bandipur do offer a chance to paraglide over the hill ridges and gives you a majestic view of the Lamjung district, Manaslu peaks, Ganesh Himal peaks, and Annapurna Himalayas. Yes, it is one of those views that will keep you away from the concrete jungles and fill you with green hills, terraced fields, and forests. 

Beautiful Bandipur
Beautiful Bandipur (Source: Free Vectors)

Some of the few flight experiences you can experience are Tandem flights, Thermal Flying, XC Flights, and many more. Furthermore, you can also go for a calm scenic float or an acrobatic tumbling. 


Chapakharka is one of the best ways to meet the clear sky at the high altitude of Godavari. It stands with a takeoff height of 2100 meters from sea level and is surrounded by lush greenery and vastly spread vegetation. This is the perfect spot for feeling the cool breeze. 

Tips You Need To Follow Before Paragliding 

  • If you are someone who gets easily dizzy on a bus or any transportation, you will need to take a Dramamine pill before you hop on for your flight. Also, if you start getting dizzy, you should inform your pilot about it as soon as possible, and it is much more advisable not to go paragliding alone. 
  • One of the other reasons why you must feel dizzy while paragliding when you usually don’t is because of the food. If you eat a lot just before your flight, it is bound to happen; hence, eating before two hours of flying is best recommended. 
  • As always, never drink alcohol or alcoholic beverages before your flight. 
  • Paragliding is yet about the right clothes at the right time. It usually depends on which season you go; however, comfortable sports shoes are most recommended. 
  • In winter, wearing a light jacket and pants is best followed by a pair of gloves. Additionally, it would help if you also had sunglasses ready for you.
  • While flying, bring plenty of water with you and always apply sunscreen. 
  • If flying alone, you should regularly check all paragliding equipment before every flight. 

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