What kind of Foods to Have During a Trek?

Trekking refers to a multi-day hike without the luxury of permanent accommodation, inter-continental foods, and widely available infrastructures like roads and technologies.  Most trekking activities involve hiking by walking, bicycle, and by canoe. Trekking in remote and sparsely populated areas is known as wilderness trekking. Trekking is also popular as Backpacking, an outdoor recreation activity [ Continue Reading ]

Gosaikunda Lake

Gosaikunda: The Himalaya’s Frozen Lake That Sweeps Away Your Sins

Gosaikunda, also called “The Frozen Lake” is a freshwater lake located inside Langtang National Park in Nepal. The lake situates at the height of 4,380 meters in Province-3, just 90 km north from Kathmandu. The area of Gosaikunda has nine major lakes including Gosaikunda, Saraswatikunda, Bhairabkunda, and Surajkunda. Gosaikunda area consists of 108 glacial lakes. The [ Continue Reading ]

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