An Amazing Experience of Mohare Danda and Nangi Village Trek

Mohare Danda and Nangi Village trek is a new trekking route near the Annapurna circuit. The trek route passes through Magar communities to reach Khopra Ridge (3,660 meters). Khopra is a hilltop and is a viewpoint to see the magnificent range of mountains of Annapurna Range, Machhapuchre (6,993 meters), and other several snow-capped mountains.  Mohare dada and Nangi village trek will take you through indigenous Magar settlements like Nangi, Ramche, Mohare, and Lespar. It is a newly introduced trek route, and if you want to traverse through local communities, experience homestays in local houses and trek in a quiet journey, then Mohare Danda and Nangi Village is what you desire.

Mohare Danda
Image taken from Accent Himalaya

Highlights of Mohare Danda and Nangi Village Trek

Mohare Danda and Nangi village trek is a newfound gem in trekking options in Nepal. Much secluded trek route than the popular trekking options like Annapurna Base Camp and Poonhill trek. Mohare danda and Nangi village trek provides same scenery of mountains and Rhododendron forests and contains lot fewer tourists in the route. Some of the highlights of Mohare danda and Nangi village trek.

Views from Khopra Danda

Khopra danda is a hilltop famous to view nearby Annapurna ranges, Dhaulagiri Mountain, and Baraha Sikhar. You can also stay in Khopra to glance at the sight of sunrise and sunset on the nearby mountains. There is also a beautiful lake nearby Khopra. Tourists usually stay an extra day at Khopra to visit the Khayer Lake (4,600 meters). Khayer Lake also gives views of nearby Annapurna Mountains, Langtang Lirung (7,227 m meters) and Dhaulagiri mountain(8,167 meters). Khopra Danda is in even higher elevation than popular Poonhill and offers panoramic views of snow-capped mountains on the horizon.

Local Communities and Homestays

Mohare Danda and Nangi village trek is a very authentic trek option for trekkers who want to experience the local life of people of this area. There are no private owned lodges and fancy restaurants like other nearby trek routes. You will find lodges in Nangi and Lespar villages which are run by local people and local schools. The funds collected from the lodges will return to local schools and later helps to develop infrastructure in the villages. In your trek, you will be treated with local foods produced in the farms and stay mostly in homestays. This trek is a perfect opportunity to engage in a close relationship with local people and get to know about their lifestyle, culture, and traditions.

Nangi Village, the remote wireless hub of Nepal

Nangi is a rare sight itself than other villages in other trekking routes. Nangi is the first remote village of Nepal that has wireless internet, connected from Pokhara. Mahabir Pun, Magsaysay award winner and a local of Nangi village, established schools, set up computers and introduced the village to internet and communication facilities. Many tourists visit Nangi as a volunteer to help to expand the communication and internet facility to other villages nearby to Nangi.

In spite of the internet, schools and communication facilities, Nangi also gives a view of the gleaming mountains in the area. The village sits just ahead of Lespar and has a high school. The high school of Nangi was the first high school in Nepal to offer students practical computer studies and internet facilities.

Lespar Paper Factory

Lespar is another village with a good infrastructure highschool and telephone facilities. Another place to visit in Lespar village is the brown paper factory. The Lokta Paper Factory makes local handmade paper from Lotka tree found nearby the village. The paper factory employs more than 20 villagers. They make paper of different thickness that is used to make note copies, dairies and ID cards. Local people who worked in cities like Pokhara and Kathmandu have returned to Lespar to work in the factory and be close to their family members. Lespar also provides a mesmerising view of Mount Dhaulagiri that sits over the hills that surrounds the village.

Mohare Danda

Mohare Danda is another viewpoint like Khopra. It sits at an elevation of 3,300 meters. You will stay at a local home in Mohare and watch the sunrise and sunset in the mountains like Annapurna and Langtang Lirung. You reach Mohare traversing through a wild forest filled with Rhododendron blooms and oak trees.

Magar Culture, Traditions and Home Stays

Mohare Danda and Nangi village trek is a bona fide experience of Nepali life, culture, and traditions. People of Magar ethnicity are the residents of the area. People in the villages wear traditional dresses like Kachhad, Bhoto and Nepali Topi. Women wear Pariya, Chaubandhi Cholo, Patuka, and Mujetro. You will also see various ornaments worn by local people. Some of the ornaments you see are Madwari (on ears), Bulaki (on the nose) and Phuli (on nostrils), Haari, Pote, and Tilhari (necklaces). Womens also wear ornaments in the head, Sirbandhi, Sirphuli, and Chandra.

Agriculture and military is the major source of income of Magars of the area. Tourism has opened a new gateway to women living in homes to earn a living. Most Magar male is Nepali militants and enrols in British Gurkha thus stay away from home. The newly opened trek route is a fantastic opportunity for women of the area to sustain their life while their husbands are away on military duties.  

Nangi Village Nepal
Villagers using Image Source:

Eco-Community Lodge Trek

The Mohare Danda and Nangi Village trek are also called as Eco-Community Lodge trek. This trek route is a newly opened trail that opens a pathway for you to experience the cultural and natural beauty of the Annapurna region from a new perspective. This route focuses on sustainable eco-tourism in Nepal and is aimed to help support the local community in the upliftment of lifestyle.

The main features of the Eco-Community trek are that no private owned lodges and restaurants have been granted permission to open in the route. This is done to encourage local teahouses and lodges run by local people and communities to fruition among visitors. You will experience a friendly environment, live among locals in their house, eat with them and get to know about their culture, traditions and life struggles.

The Mohare Danda and Nangi Village Trek is very clean and soothing trek route. You won’t find many travellers along the path like other popular trekking routes that are filled with lots of tourists. You can watch the scenery and beauty of Nepal is a silent and peaceful environment. This route is also ideal if you want to sketch or write poems and stories sitting among nature and admiring its beauty.

Community lodge in Nangi Village
Nangi Community Lodge Image Source:

The story of Nangi Village

Nangi is a remote village that falls on the Mohare Danda and Nangi Village trek route. Like any other remote villages of Nepal, Nangi too didn’t have well-built houses, infrastructures like paved roads, hospitals and communication facilities. 

With the donation of two generators from Singapore people, Nangi Village generated electricity needed to run the computers and also provided sufficient lighting to the village. Nangi has become a beacon of hope and sits as a living example that if you try anything is possible. Not even the rough terrains and utter isolation from the cities can stop you from achieving what you desire.

Mahabir Pun, the winner of Magasaysay award, completed his studies and returned to his village to help spread knowledge about communication and technology. Pun collected used computers and communicational parts to establish computer labs in Nangi and neighbouring villages. With the help of wireless antennas attached to several trees, Pun brought internet connection to Nangi village from Pokhara. Many volunteers from all over the world came to assist Mahabir in his project.  

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