Must-Try Camping Treks To Scale While In Nepal!

Many adventure seekers and travelers visit Nepal to search for tranquility away from the city’s bustling life. This activity usually occurs among the dramatic Himalayan landscapes under the blanket of stars.

Hence, among several types of trekking style, camping treks in Nepal is also one of the popular kinds. Camping is compulsory if you are accomplishing the trails in the remote Himalayan region, as no tea houses and lodges are available.

Yet again, you can enjoy this camping trek in other areas flooded with tea houses or lodges. So, if you are up for a remote and wilderness-based experience, the camping treks in Nepal are the best way to experience the Himalayas.

Some Of The Must-Try Camping Treks In Nepal

After a long journey, sleeping in the lap of the Himalayas under the blanket of bright stars is one of the most memorable moments you can have while in Nepal. All the camping trails in Nepal take place on off-the-beaten tracks that are untouched and unexplored.

These camping treks reach the best possible height of what one’s imagination in the wilderness can be. In addition, these treks give you no signal from the ongoing world outside the trail; hence, you will have to be self-sufficient.

In addition to that, for your lifetime experience, we provide you with the best of the best camping treks to must-try while in Nepal. Also, remember that the camping treks in Nepal are much more expensive than the normal trekking trails in Nepal.

Upper Dolpo To Jomsom GHT (24 to 30 Days)

Lying near the Tibetan border, the Upper Dolpo trek is one of Nepal’s unspoiled and isolated trekking destinations. This trail lies in the northwest region of Nepal between the Tibetan Mesa and the Dhaulagiri mountain ranges.

A scenic view of Upper Dolpo
A scenic view of Upper Dolpo (Source – PixaHive)

This trekking trail takes you through the dry terrain, fast-flowing rivers, roaring waterfalls, deep river canyons, lush pastures, and so on. This route also passes on a section of The Great Himalaya Trail.

This trek is difficult, with multiple steep, shaky points and high-altitude passes. Also, for anyone who wishes to sink into the area’s traditional culture, this Upper Dolpo trek provides you with a mixture of Tibetan and Buddhist cultures.

Altogether, you will need special permits to scale this trekking route. During your journey, you will come across some rare wildlife and floras.

Highlights Of The Trek

  • Trek around Phoksundo Lake, Shey Gompa, Bon Po practitioners, and Buddhist monasteries.
  • Get panoramic views of Dhaulagiri ranges and Crystal Mountain.
  • Explore Shey Phoksundo National Park.
  • Encounter the wildlife of snow leopards, rare Himalayan blue sheep, goral, thar, Himalayan black bear, and many more.
  • Get an insight into the life and culture of the followers of Bon Buddhism.

Dhaulagiri Circuit Camping Trek (18 to 20 Days)

One of the wildest trekking routes in Nepal, the Dhaulagiri camping trek is a rough route that is only fit for experienced trekkers. It is the perfect trail for adventure seekers and offers a wide range of landscapes.

This trek starts traditionally from the farming village areas and terraced hillsides. Yes, you will camp all the way, and these treks have cold nights as you sleep in the glaciers or the snow.

Indeed, the accomplishment of this trek gives you major satisfaction. Every day on this trek will be around the glaciers, lush fields, snow-covered slopes, and rugged valleys, as well as offering views of a succession of peaks over 22,000 ft.

This dangerous Dhaulagiri trekking route is the combination of the high altitude areas and the cold that makes it challenging. Anyone who likes to travel and explore more of this area can also add the ascent of Dhampus Peak at the end of this camping trek.

Highlights Of The Trek

  • The stunning Dhaulagiri mountain ranges and Annapurna Himalayan range.
  •  Beautiful views of the Gurung villages with terraced fields.
  •  Camping accommodation either on a glacier or on snow.
  •  Hike through dense forests with unexplored fauna and flora.
  •  Trek through the French Pass, Dhampus Pass hidden valley, and Kali Gandaki Gorge.

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek (21 to 25 Days)

Located in Eastern Nepal, the Kanchenjunga Base camp trek is part of the great Himalayan Trails. This trail takes you through a wide range of wonderful scenery, from lush tropical jungles to rhododendron, chestnut, and oak forests.

Samit Lake, Near Kanchenjunga
Samit Lake, Near Kanchenjunga (Source – Wikimedia Commons)

Moving on, this route ends at the glaciated base camp of the third-highest peak in the world. To trek through the trails, you will need special permits, and you can only gain them when you have a local guide and two other trekkers on this journey.

During this journey, you can explore both the north and south side of the mountain. All in all, only experienced trekkers with the right fitness level can scale this rocky route.

Highlights Of The Trek

  • Get a chance to see various wildlife, such as Red Pandas, Himalayan black bears, musk deer, snow leopards, wild boar, and many others. 
  • Trek through the alpine grasslands to sub-tropical forests, low river valleys, glacial moraine, and rocky scree slopes.
  • The stunning views of multiple mountain ranges such as Everest (8848 meters), Lhotse (8516 meters), Kanchenjunga (8586 meters), Makalu (8481 meters), and many others.
  • Pass through the world’s deepest valley, The Arun Valley.
  • Visit both the North and South Base Camps of the Mount Kanchenjunga.

Limi Valley Camping Trek (18 to 21 Days)

This trekking trail is one of the most isolated and culturally rich regions. Well, it lies near the Tibetan border with stunning mountain scenery.

Indeed, it is the perfect example of the “off the beaten track” trek and takes you through an unexplored Upper Limi valley. This area is also one of the barren lands in Humla, with strenuous passes and a beautiful Tibetan tradition and culture. 

During this camping journey, you will also trek alongside the Karnali river. In addition, you might even come across some wildlife, such as blue sheep in the rare and elusive snow leopards. 

Highlights Of The Trek

  • The spectacular setting of Holy Mount Kailash and other snow-capped Himalayas.
  • Trek through the alpine meadows.
  • Bathe in the healing Chugzur hot springs.
  • Wander through ancient Buddhist monasteries.
  • Cross through the Nara La pass (15,000 feet / 4,620 meters) and Nyalu La (16,000 feet / 4,900 meters).

Makalu Base Camp Trek (20 to 22 Days)

Trek through Eastern Nepal in one of the unspoiled trekking trails of the Makalu Base Camp. Well, this trek is quite challenging with its hard climb and rough routes along the journey.

Red Tents at Makalu Base Camp
Red Tents at Makalu Base Camp (Source – Flickr)

Not to mention, the Makalu Base Camp trek lies in one of the diverse sections of the Himalayas with the natural loveliness of Nepal’s most remote outposts. Throughout this journey, you will encompass culturally rich valleys with botanically diverse wildlife.

All this trekking takes place inside the lush green forest of the Makalu Barun National Park. It provides unique and dramatic landscapes, and you will pass through five different ecological zones.

Highlights Of The Trek

  • Explore the Makalu Barun National Park.
  • Encounter diverse wildlife animals such as Red Panda, Snow-Leopard, Musk Deer, and many more.
  • Explore the unique local culture of people.
  • Trek through the gorgeous rhododendron forests.
  • See Everest’s Eastern Kangshung face.
  • Pass from green terraced farmland to glaciers and waterfalls.
  • Walk through the Barun River Valley with steep granite cliffs, glaciers, and spectacular waterfalls. 
  • Get stunning views of the Lhotse, Chamlang, and Kanchenjunga.

Why Camping Trek In Nepal?

If you are looking forward to a peaceful exploration of nature, camping treks are the must-try trekking forms in Nepal. This particular style will give you access to even the remote regions of the Himalayas.

Usually, trekking in a group and through tea houses and lodges gives you limited space for what you can explore. Likewise, especially during the peak seasons, you will see the clubs flooded with other travelers, which might be a bummer sometimes.

Having a camping trek in Nepal means you will not be bound and limited to the lodging network. Altogether, yes, every single itinerary plan can be explored, and you can arrange it.

As a fun fact, you will also get in contact with more Nepalese trekking crew while camping than during your trekking through the lodges.

Health And Safety Guidelines While In The Camping Trek

  • Always carry a map, GPS, or any other navigation system. It’s easy to get lost in the wild!
  • Before traveling, make sure you have an adequate travel insurance plan on the go. Travel insurance covers most medical expenses if you face any problems during the journey.
  • Do not take your children with you if you attempt to trek in high altitudes.
  • Keep yourself hydrated throughout the journey. However, only drink bottled water and do not opt for ice cubes.
  • Do not walk around barefoot. Some multiple worms and insects can harm you.
  • Always travel and trek in a group with a local guide. Do not attempt to scale the route all by yourself.

In A Nutshell

If you have not tried camping treks in Nepal, go for it! It is the best way to connect with nature and peacefully explore the Himalayas. Also, looks for the style of camping treks you are going for.

It is a lifetime experience when the Himalayas outside your tent doors welcomes you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there other options for Camping treks in Nepal?

Yes, there are many trek options available in Nepal. The following included above are considered among the best treks.

Why should you choose Nepal for the Camping trek?

The ability to go on more secluded paths is the main benefit of a camping trek in Nepal. Peak seasons will see many trekkers on teahouse lodge treks like those to Everest Base Camp. Unfairly, Nepal is known for having packed paths everywhere.

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