Tips While Choosing The Suitable Trekking Agency In Nepal

Every year, numerous travelers and adventure seekers visit Nepal with the sole intention of trekking. They are here for the good times during their vacations. However, with over hundreds of trekking companies in Nepal, it is always a dilemma to choose the best fit for oneself.

Though yes, all trekking agencies do provide a multitude of travel packages, this decision to choose one is a critical step. Your whole trekking experience depends upon the sole choice of the travel agency.

One of the crucial pieces of information while selecting a travel agency to remember is that a good travel agency will meet everything as per your interest and budget with a tailored itinerary and package. Any other agencies or advisors who do not try to help you do not fit for your journey.

How Exactly Do You Choose The Best Travel Agency?

Choosing the right and best agency in Nepal is difficult among the sea of choices for your travel plan. You will find hundreds of such agencies with similar travel packages and services.

However, a few things should be considered before you choose the one for you. It is always best to fixate your mind on what you want from the agencies and your vacation.

Trekking Agencies
Trekking Agencies (Source – Nepal Trekking)

Before you search for a trekking Company in Nepal, you should understand your budget. Likewise, you should know your fitness level and what you want from this trip experience.

Yes, it is important that you decide what you look forward to during the holidays before choosing an agency. Do search for a perfect trekking destination and search for it.

Is The Travel Agency Legitimate?

After you have your wants and needs figured out, you will see a swarm of agencies that are up to helping you. Though it is rare to see a fake Company identity, it is again an important idea to check if they are legitimate.

It is a pivotal step that every traveling agency authorizes with licenses and registrations. Any trekking Company you choose in Nepal must register with the Nepal Government, Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), and Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) to conduct their services.

Look For Safety Records And Credibility

Before you commit to any trekking companies in Nepal, always ensure they are renowned and trustworthy service providers. Also, check their background and learn how long they have been in the business.

Indeed, years of experience do determine their service records. It is vital that your safety comes first during the trek, and ensure that the Company you are looking for serves a great hand of experience around the Himalayas.

Here, are the registration or certificates from travel associates such as Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), Adventure Travel Trade Association, and KEEP count.

Check For Their Social Media Presence

The active status of the trekking companies on any social media platform says a lot about their background and services. Visit their social profile and previous uploads for more details.

In addition to it, you can also check their webpage. While there, you should go through their professional teams, conditions, policies, and several other sections. Often active agencies will have updated content on their website pages, or they may even run a blog.

Yes, it is understandable when the UI designs may be tacky; however, any good-running Company will have decent content.

Read Online Reviews, Testimonials, And Verify Their Presence

One of the best ways to learn about a trekking Company in Nepal is through online reviews and testimonials from past customers and clients. These reviews might be found on TripAdvisor and Google, while they may also be on Trustpilot.

trekking agency in nepal
Get reviews on Trip Advisor (Source – Hotel Shanker)

It is not the number of reviews you should look for but their quality. All these will give you a basic idea about the strengths and weaknesses of travel agencies.

Furthermore, every Company does have its contact information which may be the telephone number, address, or even mailing ID. Hence, you can verify your doubts and learn more about the agency as you contact them.

Even with telephone communication, if you have any doubts about them, you can visit the official address of the trekking Company. As a fun fact, if you see the Company’s main office, do not be surprised if it is operating with just a few needed things.

Well, most travelers do not visit the official address to discuss their trek details. In addition to that, the Nepalese agencies are often small, with few rooms of the required facilities. Do not expect the office to be extravagant.

Go Through The Costs And The Facilities That The Agency Provides

Indeed, many agencies provide similar trekking packages, while only the price differs from one to another. Also, fees and costs are vital as you consider different treks while in Nepal.

However, it does not mean you search for the lowest price possible for a trek. The lowest cost does not always ensure the best facilities and experience. Therefore, you must go through what the price pointed out includes and excludes during your trip.

Even the lowest cost you might get through might not include accommodation or food during the travel. Hence, the whole trek is not cheap if you have to pay for everything while in Nepal.

All in all, to find reasonable costs for your trip, you should go through every facility the agencies will provide you with. While doing so, ensure they offer you pick-up and drop services, accommodation throughout the journey, and responsible guides.

Learn Their Payment Methods

Typically, any Nepalese trekking agency accepts the QR payment method, card, money transfer, or cash. However, if any Company is adamant about receiving payments only through cash or cheque, it gets quite suspicious.

Check The Guide That The Agency Provides You With

Local guides are the make-or-break point of your trekking trip. They are the ones to shape your trekking experience, and that is why you have to ensure that your guide is valid with certificates and experience.

Always look for knowledgeable, fluent in several languages, and helpful guides. No one likes to get stuck with an arrogant guide during a long journey. Again, if you are unsure how you feel about your manual, you can also ask politely for an interview.

Yes, you can talk with multiple guides and go for the ones that best suit your personality and nature. After all, it is important that you feel comfortable and at ease while being with your local guide.

Check Out Your Trek Itinerary And Accommodation Plans

Before you blindly accept any trekking itinerary plans with the agencies, it is always helpful to check out a few things with them before. If you have just arrived in Nepal, we advise you to have at least a day or two in Kathmandu before starting the journey.

trekking agency in nepal
Get your travel insurance before arriving (Source – Mint)

So continuous travel all at once will only harm your body, and you may get down with fatigue. Hence, always rest and freshen up from your jet lag before you make your travel plans again.

Similarly, do not plan your trek on a tight schedule. Always leave a few days on the loop as extra. This is because, at times, domestic flights might be delayed or canceled if you are moving to the Himalayas.

Always consult with the agency and check out your accommodation plans beforehand. This will help you figure out if you are getting your money’s value.

Where are you staying? Is it a five-star or three-star hotel? Did you pay for a quality five-star hotel and end up in a three-star hotel?

At times, especially during rush hours, the agency might have confusion and make a mistake. Or this can also be a way of a scheme. Altogether, you must check out your accommodation facilities beforehand and ensure you get the right value for your money.

Some Other Tips To Consider While Choosing A Trekking Company In Nepal

  • Make sure the travel agency is straightforward while communicating with you. However, during the communication, they understand that English is not their first language.
  •  Learn about the Company’s Unique Selling Points (USP).
  •  Ask and understand the safety protocols and policies of the Company. Some agencies might also offer an insurance plan for your travel which, of course, needs an added cost.
  •  Consider the background of the Company and its team.
  •  You can be a responsible traveler and also learn about the welfare and treatment of the Company’s team.
  •  Understand that every trekking Company has cancellation fees and talk about it earlier. At times, life is unpredictable!
  •  Be sure of what is not included in your trekking costs rather than being surprised during the trek. Often alcoholic beverages are not included in the price.

In A Nutshell

We understand the difficulties of choosing a suitable travel agency for your vacation. However, all the earlier mentioned tips and advice will help you through a lot while making the ultimate decision.

Always know that the trekking agency is more than its reputation, and you should keep on the search until you are fully satisfied. Anyways, good luck with your hunt!

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