Dolma Tours: Trekking Company For Your Next Adventure!

Nepal is an awe-inspiring combination of thrilling wilderness, vibrant culture, peaceful villages, and classic adventure. Well, it provides multiple unforgettable trekking experiences, and Dolma Tour ensures you get to the fullest of all experiences.

Join Dolma Tours for meaningful and unforgettable travel possibilities you can memorize for a lifetime. Nepal has diverse geographical locations with jaw-dropping natural beauty as a small country. During your trekking tenure in Nepal, you can explore all the fertile valleys, peaceful villages, winding mountain trails, and gigantic glaciers.

Along the way, you can trek on some of the famous trails lying in the lap of the Himalayas. Furthermore, as soon as you set foot in Nepal, it gets the best location for any trekkers, regardless of your skill level.

Dolma Tours: Why Choose Us?

Dolma Tours is all about exciting experiences that take you to adventurous and spiritual well-being. We believe in sustainable tourism and care for trekkers, local villagers, and nature. Additionally, we try to pass this trek as a benefit for all parties while guaranteeing to satisfy the most adventurous amongst us.

Bridim Trek by Dolma Ecotourism
Bridim Trek by Dolma Ecotourism (Source – Dolma tours)

Not to mention, Dolma Tours specializes in trekking and tour with its service and has been in the business run for over two decades now. Our team at Dolma aims for the only vision to enrich your travel story alongside sharing knowledge about Nepal’s rich culture and natural heritage.

Altogether, we assure all our travelers with commitment, dedication, and long-adapted professionalism. With the dream to strive for perfection, Dolma Tours is here to plan a quality tour for your vacation according to your time, budget, and interest.

Our Service Line

Whether you are in Nepal for a few days or months, Dolma Tours has several trekking packages that fit your budget, requirements, and time. Yes, we have everything for every traveler.

Dolma Tours is a luxury and in-budget trekking Company with agency experience for licensed tours and travel in Nepal. Below are some of the mentioned points on why Dolma Tours is good at what it does.

Expansive List of Adventure Trails

Dolma Tours provides several trekking trail choices that will fit your requirements. Whether it be a long route that will take weeks and months or be it a short route that will only take a couple of days, we got it.

Likewise, you can also choose if you want an easy and family-friendly track or one with extremely challenging pathways. All of our trip details can be adjusted based on the styles and types you want.

In addition to it, you can also customize your trip itineraries with us based on your preferences. From the high lands near the Himalayas’ lap to the low lands inspired by culture, you can explore them all.

With our trekking packages, surround yourself with the Himalayas. You will walk through dense forests, hidden valleys, traditional villages, and many more.

A Local Owner Itself

Dolma Tours is itself a local and is run by an experienced team who has been in the tourism industry for an extended period. If you book a trip package with us, you will be connected with us directly without any middleman.

We are the direct operators; hence, when you think of any package, you will get all the needed information from the firsthand person. Likewise, no use of a middleman assures you of committed service and the absence of any commission.

Dolma Tours has been organizing treks packages for decades, and we do not have any third party involved in the process.

Quality Services At Competitive Prices

There is no doubt that Dolma Tours has been in the tourism industry for quite a long. Our firsthand trekking experiences result in trip packages that you can not deny. In the meantime, our team is always striving to push forward fresh, innovative trekking packages alongside our classics.

Quality Service by Dolma Ecotourism
Quality Service by Dolma Tours (Source – Flickr)

Talking about the costs, Dolma Tours offers you all quality services at a competitive market price. Indeed, we are quite transparent regarding the costs and expenses included. In addition, you can be assured that there will not be a single hidden cost except the site amount you pay.

Highly Trained And Experienced Trekking Guides

Dolma Tours is all about safe travels and enjoyable experiences. To help you get the most out of every trek, we ensure you are led by some highly trained and experienced local trekking guides.

All our local guides are ones with years of mountaineering experience. These guides are well-known in the Himalayas of Nepal and strive for a successful venture.

All About The Responsible Travel

Besides having the thrilling, once-in-a-lifetime experience, Dolma Tours ensures your trek is also responsible. It is all about sustainable tourism. We ensure that your travel benefits our local communities, staff, guides, and the environment.

Altogether, responsible travel with Dolma tours is about the positive impact on the destination, its people, environment, and wildlife. Alongside the high excitement, we will travel with additional awareness, kindness, and mutual respect. We ensure not to leave a trace of us behind the trails.

Be a responsible traveler with Dolma Tours!

  • Wherever you are traveling, do not litter around and instead dispose of them in their respective areas.
  • Be kind to your porters and guides as you treat them with respect. Please do not ask them to carry more than extra weight for money.
  • Do not over-bargain with the locals for any products. It would be best if you understood yes, the prices go higher as you travel higher in altitude.

Priority To Health And Safety

Traveling to high altitudes is indeed exhilarating, exciting, and yet nerve-wracking. The higher the altitude, the more challenging the routes with the higher possibility of sickness.

First Aid for Trekking
First Aid for Trekking (Source – Facebook)

Dolma Tours ensures you are always accompanied by a professional guide who will pay extra attention to your health. Additionally, all these professional guides are trained with basic first aid knowledge in an emergency. Similarly, they are highly responsive and always around to mitigate your health with every altitude rise.

Professional And Yet Friendly Staff

All our staff working in Dolma Tours are professionals with fluency in English. On the one hand, the team is professional in their work expertise; on the other hand, they are pretty friendly with balanced roles.

To go into detail, all the staff undergo the necessary training to sharpen their communication and hospitality skills. They are all complete service providers with open personalities. Additionally, even our guides are fluent in English and equipped with the skills to handle trekking groups of any size.

Support, Honesty, And Integrity

Dolma Tours’ basic foundation is the supportive organizational culture among the working staff. The business is built on relationships, trust, and professionalism. We at Dolma Tours believe that what we treat inside the working structure is what brings out the nature of our services later.

Hence, we treat all the staff equally while also meeting their need requirements satisfactorily. At the same time, Dolma Tours lays out honesty and integrity in public.

We are exactly what we speak of to be. We provide exactly what we announce. Therefore, you can expect honest communication with no hidden agendas with Dolma Tours.

Plus Points Of Traveling With Dolma Tours

  • 20+ years of successful local trekking, tour, and travel agency in Nepal
  • 50% repeat satisfied customers
  • Best competitive price with no hidden cost
  • Service with a smile and the best care guaranteed
  • Team of experts with over two decades of experience
  • Well-designed and flexible itinerary at the best value
  • Quick and fast information communication
  • 24 hours emergency customer service
  • Personalized and professional service
  • Safety first with a very high success rate
  • Loyalty discount of about $50 per person for a returned customer

Pack Now For Your Travel

We do understand the overwhelming feeling while packing your bag for the travel. It can be confusing, and it is even irritating for first-timers. Well, the simple key is not to overpack.

Essentials Pack up for trekking
Essentials Pack up for trekking (Source – Facebook)

Additionally, the packing necessities also depend on the assistance of the porters and the trekking company. Below are a few things we ask you to pack for yourself.

Trekking Apparel (For Summer)

  • Lightweight Jacket
  • Hiking Boots
  • Baseball Caps
  • Sweat absorbent T-shirt
  • Trekking Pants

Trekking Apparel (For Winter)

  • Fleece
  • Sweater
  • Thermal Gloves
  • Big socks and woolen caps
  • Winter trousers and bulky jackets
  • Woolen thermals


  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Water filter bottle
  • Sunglasses
  • Master plug socket
  • Trekking poles
  • Phone chargers
  • Camera and binoculars

Other Supplies

  • A first-aid kit
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Rain gear
  • Maps and GPS
  • Toiletries
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip Balms
  • Personal medications (if any)
  • Extra copies of your travel documents
  • Cash and credit cards

Travel To Nepal!

Once you have planned your vacation details and travel, it is time to travel to Nepal. For any foreign nationalities, below are the needed requirements to enter Nepal.

  • Minimum of six months of passport validity at the time of entry
  • One blank page in the passport (not the endorsement page) should be available for the visa.
  • Visa should be appropriate for travel, i.e., a tourist visa.

Also, as you reach Nepal, we encourage you to get travel insurance. These insurance policies will cover any medical problems, thefts, and losses. Likewise, as you travel to a higher altitude, you should take an insurance policy covering medical and emergency rehabilitation.

This is because if by any means you fall victim to any injuries, there will be an option for an emergency helicopter evacuation policy. Since we can not see any future activities, we can only wonder and try to prevent them.

Anyways, Welcome to Nepal, the land of the Himalayas!

Frequently Asked Questions

When was Dolma Tours established?

Dolma Tours was established and financed through a partnership with the Dolma Foundation and Tsering Lama in 2003.

What was the main purpose behind the rise of Dolma Tours?

Dolma Tours was established for the mutual benefit of both visitors and villagers. The visitors experience an intimate cultural, spiritual, and natural adventure in a remote pocket of humanity.

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