Pokhara Tour: Top 10 Places To Visit While In Pokhara

Nepal is a paradise destination for travelers and adventure seekers alike. Lying in the laps of the Himalayas, Nepal provides numerous destinations with immense natural beauty as a gift. Among many such travel locations in the country, Pokhara is one of the must-visit places.

This particular valley is soaked in natural delight. Pokhara is nestled in the lap of the Annapurna range, the tenth-highest mountain in the world. This city is a popular tourist destination with a mesmerizing view of mountains as the backdrop.

Also, for those unknowns, Pokhara is called the “city of lakes.” You can find eight different lakes in the valley itself. Now, not to mention, Pokhara is also the pivotal point for multiple thrilling activities and relaxation.

Ten Must-Visit Places While Your Vacation In Pokhara

Whether looking for relaxation in a peaceful area or trying to get on your first thrilling journey, Pokhara is the main point in many such activities. Hence, if you plan your next vacation to Pokhara, this list is for you.

Or, if you ever find yourself in this beautiful city, take advantage of these places.

Phewa Lake And Its Foot Massage

If you are in Pokhara, Phewa Lake is a must-go and popular tourist area. Hence, if you are in Phewa Lake, do expect bustling markets and people partying or enjoying the view. As a fun fact, this particular lake is both an artificial and natural freshwater lake, the second largest in the whole nation.

Phewa Lake
Phewa Lake (Source – Flickr)

Often this place is best known for views and other activities such as canoeing, boating, swimming, sailing, fishing, kayaking, paragliding, and bird watching. Likewise, you can also see the Barahi temple on this lake’s island.

As for foot massage, you will find small massage centers near the hotels and restaurants. With a small price, you can relax as you overlook the lake.

World Peace Pagoda (Pokhara Shanti Stupa)

Situated on the top of Phewa Lake, the World Peace Pagoda is a sparkling white dome that symbolizes peace to some monks. It is of two tiers, and the second tier includes the four Buddha statues that represent some essential parts of Buddha’s life. 

You can visit this place by hiking, boating, and walking through the jungle. Here, many prefer boating as they can rent a single boat for a full day. After taking a boat, you will need to walk for about an hour with beautiful city views.

Also, you can walk from one of the two paths available. One is much quieter, while the other is a busy road with cafes and restaurants. This stupa is open from the early morning till 4:30 pm.

International Mountain Museum

International Mountain Museum is a must-visit if you are interested in mountains and their history. This particular museum is dedicated to all the mountains in Nepal and also the mountaineers who climbed them.

International Mountain Museum
International Mountain Museum (Source – Wikimedia Commons)

Well, this location is quite aesthetic, and you will find a 21 meters climbing wall here. As you are in Pokhara, you will find numerous signs for this place, and you can reach there through a single taxi ride.


Lying on the outskirts of Pokhara, Sarangkot is a peaceful area and popular tourist hub. Among many activities to enjoy here, paragliding is a primary activity here.

Hence, if you are looking for a fantastic paragliding experience, this is the right place to go for it. This is quite a busy area with many paragliders, but worth it once you are up in the air enjoying the mesmerizing scenery.

Gupteshwar Mahadev Cave

Pokhara has its cave near the Davis fall. This is a naturally formed structure that resembles the Shiva Lingam and is one of the holy places for Hindu people.

Gupteshwor Cave view
Gupteshwor Cave view (Source – Wikimedia Commons)

According to the sources, the locals discovered this cave in the 16th century. You can take any taxi to reach here, and then, at the cave entrance, you will find a spiral staircase leading you to the inside of the cave.

Davis Fall

It is a famous waterfall in Pokhara just near the Pokhara Airport. Well, it is pretty famous among tourists due to its mysterious path. Even as the primary water source in Pokhara, this waterfall does not join a river or lagoon but disappears inside the cave.

Despite being a popular area, the Davis Fall holds an emotional story. Its name, “Davi,” is a real name of a woman who fell to her death in this area.

Tal Barahi Temple

Tal Barahi temple is an important place for religious travelers and locals in the middle island of Phewa Lake. It is often filled with religious people who perform rituals and pray.

Tal Barahi Temple on Lake Phewa
Tal Barahi Temple on Lake Phewa (Source – Wikimedia Commons)

Additionally, this vicinity also provides an exciting view of being in the middle of the lake. You can take a boat there or simply drop by when you are visiting the World Peace Pagoda.

Old Bazaar And Bindhyabasini Temple

About 4 km away from Phewa Lake, you can find an old bazaar in Pokhara. This area provides you with the typical experience of Newari settlements and architecture.

This is a traditional spot with multiple traders and a perfect place for souvenirs. In the 17th century, this area was a trading and commercial zone, and to date, it has been able to preserve some of its history.

While here, you can also visit the Bindhyabasini Temple, which is dedicated to the goddess Bhagwati. You can often see the sacrifices of animals here on Saturday.

Gurkha Memorial Museum

Dedicated to Nepal’s most storied warriors, the walls of the Gurkha Memorial Museum hold thousands of memories of the army force. It is dedicated to all the brave soldiers enrolled in the British Army and the Indian Army. 

This museum consists of three floors full of galleries with the uniforms they wore, items they used, and medals they won. Every day, this museum is open from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Jangchub Choeling Gompa And Shree Gaden Dhargay Ling Monastery

Both of these monasteries are located in the Tibetan refugee settlement in Pokhara and hold a solid spiritual vibe. The Jangchub Choeling Gompa was built as a center of Buddhist services and ceremonies.

Shree Gaden Dhargay Ling Monastery
Shree Gaden Dhargay Ling Monastery (Source – Dolma Tours)

This particular gompa was built in Tibetan style, and Dalai Lama was the one to name it himself. The major attraction of this gompa is the 7-foot-long copper and gold-plated Buddha statue that is surrounded by 1000 miniatures of Buddha. 

Moving on, the Shree Gaden Dhargay Ling Monastery gives you a spiritual journey with long prayers. You can sit alongside the monks and enjoy the chant of the mantras.

Other Best Things To Do While In Pokhara

Pokhara has eternal beauty, and since it has a slow pace of development than Kathmandu (the capital city), it is a much more relaxed area. There are many places to visit here and multiple activities to enjoy here.

Below are some extra activities that you might enjoy doing here.

  • A day trip at Tibetan Refugee Camp.
  •  Visit the Sadhana Yoga Retreat Centre.
  •  Get dancing on the pub music or live happenings on the lakeside.
  •  Go to the cinema.
  •  Visit the Begnas Lake.
  •  Go white water rafting, bungee jumping, or canoeing.
  •  Trek to Annapurna Base Camp.
  •  Visit Pokhara “Disneyland.”
  •  Enjoy the nightlife.

About Visiting Pokhara

Pokhara is a popular tourist destination in Nepal and is always packed with travelers or thrill seekers. However, there is a suitable time to visit it, and it’s during the winter months, which are November, December, and January.

Around this time, the temperature is pleasant as it’s neither too cold nor too hot. However, if you wish to have a crystal clear view, it is only best to visit during October, April, or May.

As for how long you should book your vacation in Pokhara, it also depends on what activities you are looking forward to. If you opt for trekking, you will need the required days per your hike. However, if you are up for a regular vacation and relaxation, about a week is pretty enough.

How Do You Get Here?

You can reach Pokhara in two different ways; either through the airways or through the roadways. You can fly directly to Pokhara through the Kathmandu International Airport. It will be your short ride of about half an hour, and you can get there through Yeti airlines and Buddha airlines.

Likewise, if you opt for roadways, you have three options: either through the local bus, a tourist bus, or a taxi (cab). Well, a cab will indeed take you there faster among these three choices but also will cost you much more than that other means.

Here, you can book your cab ride through bargaining or even ask an agent to do it for you. However, if you use an agent, they will charge you an extra amount.

Now, as for the tourist bus, you will find many bus companies that will take you to Pokhara. It is indeed one of the luxury options and also pretty expensive. Going on a tourist bus will take you around twelve hours, with an occasional stop for breakfast and lunch and maybe once or more for a toilet.

Often these buses leave early in the morning, and you will reach Pokhara by the evening, depending on the traffic. One of the perks of being on a tourist bus is getting wifi. Lastly, the local bus ride to Pokhara is expensive but often crammed and is a minibus. Going on a local bus might even get you to Pokhara faster than the tourist bus.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pokhara famous for?

The breathtaking vista of the Annapurna range is Pokhara’s most prominent feature. One of the rare locations on earth where mountains above 6,000 m may be viewed clearly from 800 m above sea level at a distance of 28 km is perhaps here.

Why is Pokhara called a Lake city?

Because it has so many lovely lakes, Pokhara is often referred to as the “City of Lakes.” One only needs to look at the stunning lakes to feel at ease. The temples and caverns are two more of Pokhara’s top attractions.

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