Once in a lifetime Camping Trek in Upper Dolpo

Nepal is one of the best trekking destinations in the whole world, thanks to the beautiful and alluring Himalayan range. Thousands of tourist visit Nepal for the sole purpose of trekking. With the several trekking destinations of different altitude range, level of difficulty and distinctive natural as well as cultural beauty, trekking has been very popular in Nepal.

You travel from across the world to see and experience the real natural beauty. Trekking is done for the relaxation as well as the bonding with nature and camping trek will give you the best experience out of all.

Camping Trek in Upper Dolpo, Dolma Tours

Why choose camping trek?

  • Camping will let you enjoy the freshness and the chill of the air. While on your camping trek, you will get stay outdoor surrounded by the trees and in greenery, which lets you have the fresh air.
  • You will enjoy a great deal of peace and tranquility in camping. You don’t have to face the noises which you might in hotels and lodges.
  • Camping will give enough time to get to know your trekking team. You will get to know each other in more ways and create a bond of friendship. You will learn some ways to socialize.
  • Camping trek is very beneficial for your health. The sunshine in the morning will give you the Vitamin D, which helps to maintain calcium in the blood and keep bones strong. It is also helpful to ward off depression, decrease the heart attack and high blood pressure risk.
  • You will get to have the healthy food. Cooked with the fresh vegetable with your camping group which is a totally fun thing.
  • You will know the life in remote areas from the porters and guide you take in camp trekking. It will give an opportunity to know lifestyle and struggle they face in everyday life.
  • Camping will give you the chance to explore the nature. Staying outdoor close to nature, enjoy the view of the millions star at night, basking in the morning sun, these all experience will let know the nature in the best way.
  • Camping is the best option to choose if you are planning for a trek with your family. It will let your child discover the nature and make the bond stronger between parents, children, and family as a whole.

Camping Trek in Upper Dolpo

There are several top trekking destinations in Nepal which are famous including Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Circuit Trek. Upper Dolpo is one of the destinations which is very popular among the trekkers. It is situated in western Nepal where you find the hidden valleys, remote and isolated areas. It is a distant region of Nepal. The very main highlight of this area is Shey Phuksundo National Park. Dolpo region is surrounded by Mount Dhaulagiri and Churen range in east and south and the west in the Jumla district.

You get the remarkable and exhilarating experience of your life while trekking in the lower region of Dolpo. You will see the beautiful snowy peaks, ancient and remote villages, rich wildlife and vegetation, lovely Buddhist monasteries and wonderful lakes. The people residing in this region follow a simple lifestyle, distinctive culture and tradition and they are very friendly and warm-hearted people. The culture and tradition of this region are linked with the Tibetan culture.

Your camping trek in Dolpo will take to the exposure of the high and remote Himalayan valleys, resembling the Tibetan Highlands. Shey Phuksundo National Park is the highlight of this region, and the Shey Phuksundo Lake is the main attraction. This lake is very beautiful as well as it has religion value. Except for the trekkers, hundreds of pilgrims visit the lake from Nepal as well as India. Shey Phuksundo is free of aquatic life, and the crystal clear water in the lake shows it clearly. With all the rocks, forests and snow-capped peaks surrounding the area, it is described as one of the world’s “Natural Hidden Wonders.”

Camping Trek in Upper Dolpo

How to reach the Upper Dolpo?

Dolpo is the remote region of Nepal in the western part. For reaching out to the Dolpo, your journey starts after your arrival in the Kathmandu. From Kathmandu, you have to take a domestic flight to Nepalgunj or can travel by bus. You have to take another flight from Nepalgunj to Juphal which takes around 35 minutes. Your trekking starts from Juphal. Juphal is a small village with the amazing view of the snowcapped mountain.

From Julpal you will start the trek to Chhepka, which is at an altitude of 2,838 meters. Your trekking from Julpul will take you through beautiful wheat and vegetables from where you will reach to Thuli Bheri River. You will reach to a big suspension bridge which will lead you to the entrance of Shey Phoksando National Park. You will pass through a delightful forest of pine, fir, juniper, Cyprus and bamboos and distinctive villages. You can stay at for overnight camp in the village named Cheepka.

From Chhepka you will trek towards Palam, which is at an elevation of 3,820 meters. You will pass through forests, rivers, and trails ascending and descending. You will also encounter locals with their mules carrying products to sell. You will reach a village named Reechi and then Chumuwar, where you can set a camp and stay overnight.

Breakfast during Camping Trek in Upper Dolpa

From Palam, it will take around 4 hours of walk to each the Shey Phuksundo Lake, which is at 3,640 meters elevation. It will take 2 hours to climb the steep trail before reaching the top. Your all the effort and energy will worth after you reach the top, from where you can see the spectacular waterfall of 107-meter height. The waterfall is also known as Sunlight Waterfall. After enjoying the magnificent beauty of Shey Phuksundo Lake and waterfall, you will descend to the Ringmo village. The people of Ringmo Village follows a Bonpo religion, which is related to Buddhism but older than Buddhism. You can stay overnight at the village in tented camp.

Then you will trek towards Salla Ghari. Salla Ghari is at an altitude of 3,640 meters. You will walk in the trails which are used by the people of Dolpo and Tibetan traders. You will also reach the top from where you will see the beautiful view of Lane Ringmo, the lush forest and snowcapped mountain views in the South. You will also see the magnificent view of Mount Kanjiwaro

Camping Trek in Upper Dolpo

Then you will move to Lar Tsa (4,120 meters). You will go through high rock walls and cross a couple of streams. You will move to Shey Gompa then, which is at an elevation of 4,320 meters. You start your trek by a long and strenuous climb over a dusty path to Kang La, also known as Ngadra La. You have to descend through pass covered with snow to reach Shey Gompa. It is a small village and you will find a Gompa, which was built back in the 11th century. It is also preferred as the spiritual heart of Dolpa. You can stay over an overnight camp in this village.

From Shey Gompa, you will trek to Namgung (4,430 meters), which is beautiful places with a pleasant environment. You will have to ascend to an altitude of 4,700 meters before you start descending to a beautiful village, Saldang. Then, you will reach Sibu (4,000 meters), a small settlement area.

Then you will reach to Jeng-La which is at 4,480 meters. You will get to see the beautiful view of the Mount Dhaulagiri from the top of the Jeng-La. From Jeng-La you will trek to Tokyo Gaon (4,240 meters). You will encounter a beautiful valley named Tarap Chu. From Tarap Chup, you will walk down to Dho Tarap (4,200 meters). You will pass through some distinctive houses and beautiful monasteries.

From Dho Tarap you will trek down to Serkam (3,623 meters). Your trek follows the course of the Tarap Khola, which are all downhill. Then you will move to Tarakot (2,280 meters). In your trek to Tarakot, you will pass suspension bridge, valley, crops fields like millet, barley, buckwheat and others. You will also encounter famous Sandul gompa, which is at the 8km east of Tarakot.

Then you will trek towards Dunai which is at an elevation of 2,109 meters. The trail that follows to Dunai is mostly downwards. You will have a great experience walking beside the Bheri River. After reaching the Dunai, you can set up the camp and have some celebration there as this is the spot where your circuit trek ends.

From Dunai you will trek to Juphal from where you started your trek. Then you will head towards the Kathmandu and to next destination.

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