Camping Trek – Why you should go for Camping Trek in Nepal?

Camping is one of the best outdoor activity you can go for with friends and family. It is not just the best option for outdoor activity; it is also the best recreational activity that you can choose. All of us understand what is camping is: it is an outdoor activity which involves overnight stay in tents.

While in your visit to Nepal, it will be the best experience for you if you choose camping for a recreational activity. Camping is also the best option if you are going for a trek or even hike. Nepal has some best trekking trails in the whole world, and no wonder trekking is loved by the tourists of Nepal. Along with its amazing trails, Nepal also has a diverse geography and culture. You will encounter many such hidden and isolated valleys and villages while in your trek. You will also come across distinctive culture and tradition of people living in those regions. Those people prefer to live that way away from any influence of modern culture. They live in a traditional house built with stone, wear their ethnic dress, follow the simple lifestyle, and for a living, they do jobs like guide and porters.

Trekking is one of the most popular and loved adventure by tourists visiting Nepal. With its increasing popularity, trekking has flourished as a business and has been an income source for many houses. From the top level like trekking business owner to low levels like porters and guide, trekking has given jobs to many households of Nepal.

Camping Trek in Upper Dolpo, Dolma Tours

Reasons for camping

Camping gives you the best experience and adventure. Many of us might go for an extra bit of comfort and luxury by choosing to stay in hotel and lodges, but camping is very “healthy” and “organic” as well form both health as well as social perspective. Here is some reason for why to go camping while in your trekking.

Far from the technology

Nowadays we have been so caught up in the technology; we have almost forgotten what real life is away from our phone, tablets, and laptop. Most of us barely go outside the house and spend our day enjoying the nature.

Off of schedule

Breaking the routine and going off schedule will be the best treat you will give to yourself. Going camping for someday will give you the whole refreshment and fill with vitality to show up at work.

Close to nature

Breathing the fresh air, surrounded with beautiful views and greenery might not be enough to know the nature, but it will certainly bring you closer to the beauty of nature.

Family Time

Camping is the best to go if it is with your family. Camping with your family will bring you and your children. You will spend more time with each other and create even a stronger bond.

Learning the skills

Staying outside the home will let you experience the new, and you will get to learn the various skills like cooking, built fires and reading maps. This skill might come in handy in other situations too.

Great Food

Food prepared by your group of local vegetables are the best as well as hygienic. You will have a great time cooking, and the food will be healthy and good too.

Help the Local community

While in your camping, the porters and guides you take and the small wages you pay to them are a way of earning to them. You will have a great time and help the local community by giving a job to them.

Camping for the local community

Camping has several benefits and above all is the contribution you make to the local community. You can get to help the locals while just going along your trekking routine. Nepal is certainly a beautiful country, but there are many such places which are far from the range of development and lives with daily struggle. In the mountain and hilly region of Nepal, most of the low-income family survives as porters or guide. Camp trekking in Nepal will be a great aid to such families and here is how.

Create employment to more

Camping requires a few more porters as there is more number of equipment and things to carry: this will create the job opportunity for more number of families. It might be a small decision, but many members of a family depend on the income of that one person.

Use of local products

While camping in different places, you have to buy and use the various products from the local areas. You will need to buy foods and provision in the different stations. You can buy the items backpacks, sleeping bags in case they come up short. It will help to promote the local business.

Cultural Importance

Nepal is a multicultural, multilingual and multiethnic nation. There are several groups of people living in isolation following the unique and distinctive culture like Tharu community and Chepang Community. Your trekking will take to many such remote places, where the culture and lifestyle are very different than city areas. Your encounter with such distinctive cultural sets will fill them with vitality to conserve their culture and the essence of their unique culture.

Sense of Importance

You will get to know the porters and guides in the very close way with days of trekking and camping together. They will share the life experience, the struggle and difficulty they face every day, the hardship in daily life, adventures they had as porter or guide, the talk will ease the relationship between you and create a kind of bond. It will give them a sense of the importance of themselves and motivates them.

Word of Mouth

Even after you wrap-up your camping and finish the trekking, you can still help the local communities of Nepal through word of mouth. You can share your camping trek experience in Nepal with friends, family, and community and encourage them to do the same. The more while camping, the fun it will be and it will contribute in some way to the local community.

Camping Trek in Upper Dolpo

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