Top 11 reasons to visit Nepal

Nepal is visited by millions of tourists yearly. Although Nepal is a small landlocked country, the flow of tourists very high and it is increasing each year. If you wonder why there is so much craze for Nepal in the international platform, then here are the reasons to shade light upon your curiosity.


Himalayas the pride and joy of Nepal. And people from all around the world pay a visit to Nepal to have the glory of conquering them. With eight out of fourteen tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest, Nepal is in a list of every adventure lovers. You don’t have to worry thinking all the mountains are arduous, well there are, however, there are mountains between a height of 5,000-7,000 meters as well. Trekking and mountain climbing attracts thousands of tourists in Nepal because of the very presence of the Himalayas.


Nepal is gifted with geographical diversity and unique topography which has created deep gorges, wild rivers, valleys and hills, glaciers and lakes, thus, there is a long list of adventures you can do once you have been in Nepal. Nepal has been constantly visited by many tourists for having the ultimate experience in adventures. Rafting, bungee jumping, paragliding, skydiving, canoeing, kayaking, mountain biking, zip flyer, heliskiing are some of the favorite adventurous activities of tourist visiting Nepal.

Bungee Jump Pokhara

Culture and tradition

Nepal is a hub of ancient culture and tradition. There are such tradition which dates backs to hundreds of years. Out of many such traditions, the Goddess Kumari is a unique and an ancient one. Goddess Kumari is a living goddess, chosen after many baffling and rigorous tests. The Royal Goddess Kumari resides in resides in Kathmandu Durbar Square, and usually, there is a crowd of people to catch just a glimpse of her.


In Nepal, around 60 different festivals are celebrated in one calendar year. All the festivals have different meanings and reasons. Festivals in Nepal are really beautiful and of essence and they teach us the value of life as well. Some of the most popular and celebrated festivals are Dashain, Tihar, Chhath, Holi, Losar, Shivaratri, Janani Purnima and so on.

Perfect for holiday

Nepal is a great place to visit during the holidays. It will be even great if you pay visit with your family. It will give them a chance to learn and witness different culture and tradition which helps to increase their inner dimension. There are variety of activities once can go along with their family in Nepal. Family trek, tour around Kathmandu valley, world heritage tours, visiting temple and monasteries and for these activities, you don’t even have to go far from Kathmandu.

Bhaktapur Durbar Square

Witness rare wildlife


Out of total area, 44.47% is covered with forest in Nepal, and those lush jungles have provided habitat to many species of wildlife and vegetation. One-horn rhino, Bengal tigers, four-horned antelope can be found in National Parks of Nepal. In Chitwan National Park alone there are 700 species of wildlife, 17 species of snakes, 68 mammal species, about 600 species of birds and the butterflies, moths and insects aren’t fully surveyed yet. So, if you are into exploring new wildlife and vegetation, then there is no better place than Nepal.

Wildlife of Nepal

Quaint villages

Facilities and infrastructure is centered within the capital city of Nepal, the rest part of the country is still deprived of basic facility like roadways. So, most part of Nepal is village and remote areas. It is a sad thing, but this very reason has helped in keeping the uniqueness and charm of those villages. Bandipur, Tansen, Namche Bazaar are some charming and beautiful villages of Nepal.

Bandipur, Nepal

Authentic Nepalese cuisine

Nepali cuisine might not be popular around the world, but is worth trying. Nepali Thali (contains dal, bhat, tarkari), Newar khaja set, dhindo and gundruk (national food of Nepal) are some authentic food of Nepal. Fast food like momo is national favorite and although it is Chinese, the taste of Nepali momo will certainly make you praise it. Kheer, sel-roti, anarasa, thekuwa are some sweet food of Nepal prepared mainly in festivals and special occasions.

It is peaceful place

Nepal is a small and peaceful country where people live with peace and harmony. As a country of Lord Gautam Buddha, Nepal believes in brotherhood and amity than violence and aggression.


Birthplace of Buddha

Buddha is a founder of Buddhism, who is an influence to the whole world and his teachings have become a way of life to millions of people. And Nepal is the place where Buddha was born. He was born in Lumbini of Kapilvastu district. In Lumbini, you can witness the very place where Buddha was born and where he took his first bath. Undoubtedly, Lumbini is the most sacred Buddhist pilgrimage site in the world, the only place where you can learn more about Gautam Buddha.

Mayadevi Temple

Chance to offer help

Nepal is a developing country and it is going to take a lot more time evaluating the current situation of our government. Being a tourist you can contribute a small help of any kind be it financial or non-financial. In 2015, Nepal faced a devastating earthquake and till now, the damages haven’t been recovered, so you can volunteer to assist in building homes. Or, after all you are a tourist, you can be a responsible traveler and support ecotourism and sustainable tourism. You can choose camping trek and hire locals as guide and porter and take a bottle and refill in way instead of buying several in way and polluting environment. So, there is a lot of things you can do as a tourist to help Nepal be a better place.

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