10 Best Hiking Shoes for Women

We all are so caught up in our daily life that we have almost forgotten what it’s really to spend some time with nature. And, moreover with all the modern gadgets and eminent “internet,” we barely even set our foot out even when spare ourselves some time form our hectic schedule.

But, hey, don’t be so cynic towards our “Mother Nature” and take some days to explore the nature around you. Hiking isn’t for several days; it is just a long walk in trails, where you will get to see the beauty and views on the trails of your hike. And, this article is for all the women, who are giving a break to themselves from their daily chorus of office, kids, housework, etc. and on a plan to go for a hike. But, you possibly can’t go hiking in sandals and heel, it totally out of the question. So, here, I have listed some shoes which you can buy while going on a hike. If you think you can skip this shoe-part of hiking and wear any pair of sneakers, then I would call it unwise.

Lowa Renegade GTX Lo

This model is the top pick shoes by females for durability. So, if you are having the problem of shoe-breakdown in every few months, then this the right one to pick. This shoe will last twice as long as any other models or even longer. Low Renegade is made of polyurethane (PU) midsole and full Nubuck leather upper. It provides you good support and a perfect choice if you are looking for a low cut option for backpacking.

This shoe comes in a wide version and the leather stretch to conform to user’s foot when forced. This model performs excellently on difficult terrain, shallow streams, and muddy trails. Renegade is probably the best performing shoes on rock scrambles, and it also has long-lasting construction.

To buy: amazon.com

Mt Everest Location

Oboz Sawtooth Low BDry

Every day new models of shoes are hitting the market, but this one, Oboz Sawtooth Low BDey has remained favorite for many female hikers. No doubt with their comfortable and supportive design, they became everyone’s choice. They come with the plush midsole and the best insole. Also, it has a waterproof/breathable membrane, which will keep your feet dry from outside elements while venting our moisture.

The lugs on the sole are heavy-duty as well as soft and grippy which gives you great traction on loose first trails and bare rock alike. For longevity, there is molded heel counter, and it has a very excellent stability which makes it more than suitable for overnight hikes and heavy mileage days in rough terrain.

To buy: amazon.com

Mount Everest Sunset View

Hoka One One Tor Summit WP

Hoka One One is also one of the most favored should from the past to today. It has an extra thick midsole, which will probably make you worry about the show being too soft or heavy but don’t worry, they are lightweight, and the EVA is supportive and not overly compressible. It also comes with a waterproof/breathable liner.

The shoe has a soft and spongy tongue, thick insole, very good arch support and a fatty outsole and sole combination. Your feet will be alright even after bumpy, rocky, spiky terrain where your shoes get crushed several times. Also, your feet won’t sweat or overheat while hiking and these pair are best for hopping boulders.

To buy: amazon.com

Keen Targhee III Low

Everest Base Camp

This model is very right for those with wide size feet.  It is perfect for you if you are tired of getting a good fit in other models. This model has a waterproof barrier that keeps rains and other moisture out, and it also comes with a supportive insole and has a lot of cushioning in the midsole.

This model has a toe rubber cap too that adds durability in the shoe and protects your toes from any accidental toe stubs. It is like a treat for all those wide-foot ladies out there, so grab a pair immediately.

To buy: amazon.com

Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX

This shoe isn’t only perfect for hikers but also for trail runners. It is an excellent choice for those who like to hike fast. It gives support and stiffness in the heel while hiking downhill for miles. The Gore-Tex liner and synthetic upper of this shoe will help you keep your feet dry while splashing through the streams. The traction of this model is great for many situations from loose dirt trails to rocky scrambles. While Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX might weigh some ounce heavy, it won’t weigh when you fly down the trail with this model.

To buy: amazon.com

Merrell Moab 2 Ventilators

This model has been on the market for a long long time, and it is because this model has a very good reason to. This pair of shoes are very comfortable, lightweight and has great tractions for all kinds of terrain. And, this model comes at comparatively less price than others, now don’t be biased and start to question about the performance, let me tell you this model has survived for all this year for a good reason and its performance exceed its price.

There is this molded nylon arch shank that provides great arch support. Also, the ankle of this shoes is little higher than some of the lower cut shoes. The sole of this shoe is Vibram, which has a unique design and unlike traditional lugs, there are circles, swoops and large v-patterns.

To buy: amazon.com

Scarpa Gecko Approach Shoe

This shoe not only servers as hiking shoes, but it can also be used for rocking climbing and in difficult trails with boulders. This model offers you an extra grip where in need. This shoe is perfect for hikes with technical terrain. The rubber on the toes and heel adds extra grip and protection, and a stiff midsole gives support to your feet. It has also got a durable leather upper and the lacing harness that extends up to the toes and gives super adjustable fit.

The medium stiff sole of this shoe is very supportive for hiking shorter distance with a heavy backpack. Also, the flexibility of the forefoot is very comfortable.

To buy: amazon.com

Vasque Women’s Pow Pow III

This pair of boot is perfect for winter hiking. During your hikes in winter, you have to be extra cautious to choose a right pair that keeps your feet safe and warm, and with this model, your feet will be safe, and you will have a great time hiking too. The upper of this shoe is made in such a way that it shields your feet from snow and melts them with durable waterproof suede, quilted taffeta, a ripstop nylon mesh and UltraDry waterproof membrane of Vasque’s proprietary. Your feet will cuddle with the warmth as this model is lined with faux shearling fleece and 3M’s Thinsulate Ultra insulation. Also, the outsole of this shoe is engineered to blend with cold surfaces with tough perimeter lugs and more flexible center lugs.

To buy: amazon.com

Ahnu Women’s Sugarpine Air Mesh

This shoe from Ahnu gives you’re the best performance. This model has all the qualities needed in the hiking shoes, water-resistant uppers breathable, rubber outsoles with slip-stopping lugs, underfoot support and shock absorption. This shoe may look like very normal and everyday sneakers but never judge a book from its cover.

To buy: amazon.com

Keen Women’s Targhee II Mid Hiking Boot

This hiking shoe delivers so many features and provides a comfortable walk. The multi-directional lug soles of this boat give the traction of four-wheel drive for your feet. They are comfortable, flexible with durable midsole and footbed. The upper of this boot is waterproof and has wear-resistant nubuck leather. Also, the mid cut will give your ankles a secure step even on challenging difficult terrain.

To buy: amazon.com

Essential things to carry while trekking

Hiking is itself a challenging job to accomplish. Here are some of the must carry items during hiking:

  1. Water bottle and way to purify water
  2. Appropriate footware
  3. Map and compass/GPS
  4. Extra foods and munching items: Dry foods, chocolates and energy bars
  5. First aid kit
  6. Knife or multi-purpose tool
  7. Sun screen and sun glasses
  8. A zip lock trash bag
  9. Hand sanitizer
  10. Hiking pole
  11. Extra clothes
Mount Everest

Tips for women to hike in Nepal

Ladies dreaming of the hiking in Nepal and wondering about how it could be possible, I am here to let you know some tips to be considered for the hiking:

  1. Decide a favouribe destination

There are many destinations to hike all around Nepal. Make sure you do a proper research and make a wise decision about the selection of your destination. For example Annapurna Base Camp will not be a good idea for you if you require internet.

  1. Choose an experienced guide

Because you are spending a long time together in the trip make some time to have a short chat with your possible guide. They are someone who make your travel real fun.



  1. Be clever in packing

You won’t be able to carry a big load while trekking. So, be careful about packing. Do not bring any cosmetics for you won’t need any of them. Make sure you have quite a lot of shocks, a change shoe and a mixture of light and wram clothes.

  1. Bring something to eat

The two time meals a day will certainly not work since you will be arlking for 7-8 hours a day. Be clever enough to bring some extra foods, chocolates or any energy bars to keep you going.

  1. Bring the tampons

This is the most important. Make sure you bring the tampoons and feminine hygienic products yourselves for you won’t get them here.

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