Badimalika Trek: Unexplored, yet Amazing

Badimalika trek is a recently explored trail which has been gaining wide popularity. Badimalika trekking trail was identified and explored by Trekking Association of Nepal (TAAN). The trek offers some of the best trails with natural landscapes view. It lies in the Bajura district of the far-western region of Nepal, which is unexplored and undeveloped part of Nepal. Badimalika temple is the major attraction of this trek which lies at top of the hill in 4,200 meters height.

Traditional Myth of Badimalika Temple

There are great myths regarding the formation of Badimalika temple. One is after Sati Devi gave her life by throwing herself in fire, her husband, Lord Shiva carried her body and traveled all around the world. Seeing this Lord Vishu released his chakra to wound Sati’s body so it could rot. Then gradually Sati’s body part started to rot and fell in the ground, and the places where body parts feel became shaktipeethas (shrine). Baldimalika is the place where Sati’s shoulder fell where later, a temple was built in account to this myth.

As per another Hindu myth, when goddess Bhagwati killed a demon named Mahisasur, she rested in a place called Dwaredhunge of Kalikot. While she was resting, a low caste person came and requested her for food. When goddess granted him the wish, there was so much food, so he called out his family to share with them. But as his home was so far away that his voice couldn’t reach to his family. Infuriated and made by this, he requested the goddess to kill his family and goddess granted the same. When he went home and found his family dead, he became devastated and went back to Dwaredhunge, but goddess closed the door and escaped. With account to this event, the goddess left the place for forever, passing through Triveni, PanchpurPatan, MallapuriPatan and finally settling in Badimalika and later Badlimalika temple was established.

Information about Badimalika Trek

Badimalika Trek is accessible throughout the year. However, during the winter season, heavy snowfall in the higher regions might affect trekkers. Also, there is very few numbers of teahouses, so trekkers must take enough food and camping essentials.

As Badimalika trek has been recently discovered, hiring a local guide is suggested to trekkers as the trail lacks signpost directions and other facilities on the way.

Why Badimalika Trek?

Badimalika Trek trails will take you to the far western region of Nepal. It is very least visited region. Although the pace of tourist is minimal, it offers the best cultural performance. Bajura district is a very rich place when it comes to culture and tradition. Traditional dances like deuda, thadi, hudkeuli and bhuwa are very famous.

Also, Badimalika temple holds a great fair every year during the month of Bhadra. Pilgrims from Nepal as well as India pays a holy visit to temple with the belief that their wishes will be granted if they pay homage to the shrine. Festivals like Ganga Dashara and Janai Purnima are celebrated in temple.

So, what is better than exploring the newly found trekking trails which is the pool of the western region culture of Nepal. Mostly trekkers in Nepal get to be familiar with the Himalayan culture of Nepal which is dominated by Sherpas, Gurungs, Tamang and other ethnic groups. While Badimalika trek will take you to the least discovered culture in western Nepal. As we, Dolma Tours is committed to the promotion of tourism, agriculture, and culture of Nepal, it is one of the best trekking trails to do so.

Way to Badimalika

Your journey to Badimalika begins with a domestic flight to Dhangadhi from Kathmandu. Dhangadi is business as well as a tourist center of the far-western region. Arriving at Dhangadhi and taking a bus ride of around 4 hours, you will reach Dadeldhura. Dadeldhura is another popular place with many famous religious and historical places like Amargadhi fort and Alital. It also offers the stunning view of mountains like Api and Sipal with the beautiful hills around. You must explore this beautiful city and most try the famous dish, kheer (rice pudding).

Staying the night at Dadeldhura, the very next day you will take a ride to Sanphebagar of Achham. Sanphebagar is located in the bank of Budhi Ganga river. You will find two roads from here, one leading to Martdai, Bajura and another to Mangalsen, the district headquarter of Achham. You will take the first road which goes along the river of Budhi Gandaki. After about three hours of ride from Sanphebagar; you will arrive at Jadanga, a small settlement with few teahouses and a health post.

From on begins your actual trek as till now you have been traveling by bus. The beginning trail takes you mostly uphill with beautiful landscape views. Moving on you will arrive at a village name Krodh where you can witness lush green forest, waterfalls and streams and amazing view around you. It is also the last settlement area of trek. Staying overnight at Krodh, you will continue the hike through the dense forest. As the trail goes up, you will cross the altitude of 3,800 meters. Now you have entered the higher altitude region, and your body might get vulnerable to altitude sickness, so it is better if you acclimatize in lower regions and drink plenty of water. Also, you must hike at a slower speed with no hurry. Moving on you will pass through grasslands with beautiful flowers. Arriving at a place called Bhito, you will stay there overnight in tented camp.

Spending a night in Bhito, and resuming the trek next day, you will pass through grasslands, waterfalls, and streams in your way. All these natural beauty will help keep the charm and energy on you. Moving on you will arrive at a place called Triveni, where you will stay overnight. Triveni has religious significance as well, where people pay visit during festivals like Janai Purnima. Pilgrims take holy bath in the river of Triveni and move towards Badimalika temple. It is believed that the bath washes the sin of a person. Hiking from Triveni, you will arrive at a place called Khetibeti in about an hour, and from there you can see the distant view of Badimalika.

Moving further on your trek, you will witness the excellent view of hills and delightful forest. You will encounter wildflowers and various species of plants throughout the trail. An old temple of Lodibinayak will also come on the way, from where you can see Badimalika temple and Triveni far below. Continuing the trek, you will arrive at Badimalika temple from where Api and Saipal mountains can be seen. Offer your prayer to the goddess and make a wish as well, who knows they will come true someday. Being at the top of the Badimalika hill and standing with clouds playing around, you will certainly feel those every effort and energy was a complete worth. No matter how exhausted you are, the glee of satisfaction will rejuvenate you. After arriving at the main destination of the trek, you will now move on to Dawalpur Lake. The trail to the lake is very steep, and one might feel it as a bit extreme trail, but arriving at Dhawalpur lake, your mood and energy will take a boost seeing the captivating beauty of lake. Now, setting a tent near the lake, you will spend overnight here. Dhawalpur lake is located at an altitude of 2,556 meters in the midst of dense forest; the location itself is very unique and charming. Moving on from the lake, you will arrive at Natyashwori temple. The temple looks radiant during the festival of Janai Purnima and to witness the beauty of temple even people from far villages pays visit to temple. Deuda, a popular cultural dance of far-western Nepal can be witnessed during the festival. It will take around an hour to reach Lamagadh from Natyashwori temple. You can enjoy the beautiful view of different landmarks in Bajura from Lamagadh.

From Lamagadh you will move towards Mourya. On the trail, you will encounter the confluence of Budhi Ganga and Malagadhriver. Continuing the walk, you will arrive at Silgadi, the district headquarter of Doti. Silgadi is a very popular place where lies Shaileshwori temple. From Silgadi, you can have an excellent view of Dipayal valley. Moving on, you will head towards Dadeldhura and then to Mahendranagar, where you will stay for a night. Now, from Mahendranagar you can opt to go Kathmandu or else you can head to Shuklaphanta National Park. The park is known for Bengal Tiger, one horn rhino, swamp, and several other wildlife. Moving on with the tour to park, you will now head towards the Mahakali river, where lies the longest suspension bridge of Nepal. The suspension bridge links Chandani and Dodhara village. Finally, you will travel to Dhangadi from where you will take a flight to Kathmandu.

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