Geoff and Judy Greenwood

Tsering asked me to write a short piece to recommend him to anyone considering a trekking visit to Nepal.  This I do without hesitation.  If you have any doubts about whether a trek is for you, of course your decision must be based on your own understanding of your fitness and mobility.  But if you think you are able walk in relatively wild landscapes with limited luxury, then Tsering will look after you every step of the way.  He is a very experienced mountain guide, with twenty years experience.  He has trained up a great team of helpers who will become your friends.  He knows the terrain he travels inordinately well and he also knows the lurking dangers that may befall an inexperienced trekker.  He will warn you of these and will make sure that you avoid them.  If an unexpected event occurs, he will have the solution..  For instance if someone is taken ill, he will arrange an appropriate return, with escort, and allow the rest of the party to continue if appropriate. I admire his understanding of all aspects of Nepali life and culture so far as it affects the western traveller, and his knowledge of written and spoken English is immaculate.  (I cannot speak for other European languages).  I think any European or American visitor to Nepal could not possibly have a better guide to the wonders and beauty of Nepal and its delightful people.