Alessandra L. Ferzoco

Our group of diverse ages and physical ability travelled to Nepal in the fall of 2015, a short 6 months after the earthquake and right in the middle of the fuel blockade. Despite what a logistical challenge the timing of our trip must have presented, not a single accommodation was missed. Tsering handily planned and provided all of the transportation and lodging for us, I’m sure with extensive effort and re-negotiation in the background as the fuel situation worsened, but with nothing but a smile and relaxed attitude presented to his guests. Despite the challenges the entire country was facing at that time, we were provided with a delightful trip. As I mentioned we were a group of diverse ability and interest, and Tsering was able to cater to the entire group. The liveliest among us felt sated with plenty of physical challenges, while no one was pushed too far out of their comfort zone. I would trust Tsering to assemble a trip that could accommodate any need or desire.

Our trip included a lovely balance of the cultural heritage of the region, and the breathtaking scenery of the Himalaya’s. The group of porters, chefs, innkeepers, and guides that we met along the way embodied the community spirit of the region. As many of us do, I lead a busy and constantly connected life back at home. But on this trip I was transported entirely to the present moment. It was fun, adventurous, full of laughs, and soothing to my soul all at once.

I will cherish my memories from my trip to Nepal for a lifetime.

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