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Bridim Trek

Bunjee Jump

One of the most action-packed activities that make your heart race is bungee jumping. Adventure seekers’ hearts race at the thought of leaping into thin air. You’ll discover some excellent locations for the best bungee jump of your life in Nepal, a nation known for its climbing culture.

Zip Line

Zip Line day trips in Nepal are reasonably priced and offer breath-taking views of the mountains and surroundings in Dhulikhel (Kathmandu), Pokhara, and Chitwan. Another adventurous activity that is enjoyable to partake in is the zipline, or zip flyer, which is available in Nepal’s key tourist destinations of Dhulikhel (Kathmandu), Sarangkot (Pokhara), and Aaptari (Chitwan). 


Nepal is one of the best locations for white water rafting because of the breathtaking alpine landscape, thrilling white water rapids, warm water, and intriguing cultural opportunities. The best rivers in Nepal are available for rafting experiences with Eco Trek. September through early December and March through June are often the most acceptable months for rafting in Nepal. The weather is suitable and the water is at its hottest during this time.


Paragliding in Nepal is an experience worth having at least once in a lifetime because of the quantity of visual splendor, including green valleys, snow-capped mountains, white gushing water streams, and more. It is the goal of every thrill seeker to scale the Nepali Himalayan peaks. Nepal has everything to quench the craving for adventure, from testing out the challenging hiking trails to rafting and kayaking over the flowing river bed.

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"I was there in Nepal for a whole month of adventure, and I am delighted that I chose Dolma Ecotourism. I got the best service from friendly guides. It's been a crazy adventure. Thank you"
Sophia Henders
"Dolma Ecotourism has been a great choice so far for some thrilling adventures at a very affordable price for us domestic tourists. Very happy with the service I got from you."
John Newman
"Had a good experience. I definitely will ring you up for adventures next time. Paragliding in Pokhara was breathtaking moment for me and I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you Dolma Ecotourism. "
Jim Miller

Adventure Tourism in Nepal

Adventure travel is one of the most popular yet least understood types of foreign tourism. One of the best places in the world for adventure travel is Nepal, which offers an abundance of outdoor activities, such as paragliding close to the mountains and searching for Bengal tigers in Chitwan’s lush forest.

The first attempt to climb Sagarmatha or Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, some fifty years ago are, where the history of adventure tourism in Nepal begins. Even while adventure tourism has been eagerly embraced by many nations, such as Nepal, its significance in the economic development of remote locations and its influence on the local people, economy, and environment are not entirely understood.  

Although our goal is not to examine the effects of adventure tourism in Nepal, we do think that it will have a good impact on the country’s economy, indigenous people, tourism sector, and development of the country’s natural resources. Adventure tourism in Nepal is expected to continue to increase and become more significant for regional and local development.

Hiking, Rafting, Jungle Safari, Zip-line, Rock- climbing, Trekking, Paragliding, Cannoning, Honey hunter etc. are some of the rising adventure tourism in Nepal.

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