David and Sue Cayless

Devon, UK – February 2004

We travelled with Dolma Ecotourism for the Lhosar (Tibetan New Year) festival. It was one of those wonderfully magical experiences that only comes around a few times in a lifetime. The local people made it a very warm place to be and we felt totally relaxed and welcome and essentially part of the ‘family’ – a very special experience in an exceptional place. It makes such a difference to know that our visit through Dolma Ecotourism has made a positive contribution to the local community through assisting with education and health care needs. We have remained connected to the community, have since returned, and sponsor a child for education through the Dolma Development Fund. We feel very grateful and privileged to have experienced and shared some of our life with these fabulous people. The village has an ethereal air; a very spiritual place with some of the loveliest people I have ever met on any of my travel. There were a total of eleven visitors in the group, all from UK.